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  1. Nico van de Water says:

    Is Apple Xtrans available for non-Apple translators? From experience, many free-lance translators and localizers (including myself) would love to switch to an Apple Mac environment for their work, but most of them still have to rely on Windows-based CAT tools.
    Any info would be appreciated!
    With thanks and best regards, Nico.

    • translatemedia says:

      I doubt that Xtrans is available for Windows. However, it is possible to run both Windows and OS X simultaneously within the Apple environment if you use something like Parallels Desktop. I hope that’s useful.

      • @translatemedia:disqus don’t think Nico was asking about using Xtrans under Windows, but rather purchasing Xtrans as an independant freelancer (not affiliated with Apple).

        @Nico: I’m in the same boat as you, Nico. I’ve been looking about info on Xtrans, but even finding its actual name is difficult. I suspect the reason Apple doesn’t talk about it is because the content (translation memory) is very cosely ‘intertwined” with the tool, so that it would be difficult to market it as a standalone product.

    • Roman Mironov says:

      You can use OmegaT (OmegaT,com) on Mac or on most other platforms, for that matter.

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