What is the Welsh translation for “microwave”? The correct translation is “micro-don” but we think “popty-ping” has a nice ring to it. If you are a Welsh speaker, you’ll understand why.

If you’re looking for a way of marketing your products and services to consumers around the world, you might wish to harness the benefits of creative translation – or transcreation services.

You may already have marketing copy that has proven effective in reaching one target market but in order for it to attract consumers who speak other languages you will need to enlist transcreation services.

This is where TranslateMedia can help. As a leading transcreation services company we can translate copy into a range of languages so that it will not only retain its original meaning, but remain highly engaging.

Creative translation services – what are the benefits?

Transcreation services are perfect if you want to send targeted, informative copy to people around the world quickly.

Perhaps you’ve had particular success in an advertising campaign and are keen to expand this into different countries.

However, translating copy into a range of languages quickly can be somewhat of a challenge. Things can get lost in translation and if you’re trying to rollout a marketing initiative across the world it is important your copy is still fresh and informative, no matter what language it is in.

By using our transcreation services, we can quickly provide you with content suitable for all your target markets, while taking into account any cultural differences that could affect your promotional material and making sure it remains interesting to read.

Our team of transcreation services experts use your original brief as a guide when drawing up material to send out to other markets. But as we also work from a creative translation brief – which you provide us with – we can gain an exact understanding of who we need to target and what message you are trying to promote.

And as leading marketing and advertising agencies have used our transcreation services in the past, you can be sure we can help you to send informative, creative content.

“I’m extremely happy – both with the saving and the service I’ve had from TranslateMedia. Both the Project Managers that I dealt with have been extremely helpful at times when I’ve had very tight deadlines, and I very much appreciate it.”
Corissa, Burson Marsteller

We regularly help household name clients adapt their campaign messages to suit all their target markets, cultures and audiences around the world. This often means transcreation or creative translation covering more than 20 languages and markets per campaign.

Talk to us to find out how our transcreation, creative translation, and multilingual copy-writing services can help remove some of the chaos out of the creative process for your team.

What other transcreation services are available?

Creative copywriting

Don’t worry if you do not already have a finished product for us to work off. Our transcreation services mean we can provide targeted copy to your customers, written from scratch.

In the same way as the rest of our transcreation services, we understand that whatever language your copy is in it needs to send the right message and stand out as an informative and original piece of work.

To achieve this we work closely with you to get an understanding of your business, the service and/or product you are promoting and its target audience.

We regularly review the copy created under our transcreation services for accuracy, as well as to make sure it meets your commercial aims, until you are entirely satisfied.

Professional transcreation agency

If you are looking to send out creative advertising and marketing copy quickly and to a range of audiences come to TranslateMedia.

Our leading transcreation services provide you with accurate, informative and engaging content and as our team of highly-experienced, multilingual experts have worked with some of the world’s biggest agencies and brands, you can be sure your campaigns will enjoy international success.

We are members of the American Translators Association and the Association of Translation Companies, so you can be sure of dealing with a respected transcreation services organisation.

To find out more about our transcreation services, visit the FAQ section of our site or get in touch. Our friendly team will be more than happy to answer any questions you may have about transcreation services or any of the other areas we work in.

You can also request a demonstration of our services, as well as reading the latest industry news.



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