02 Oct 2015

What Is the Hreflang Tag? And Why Is It Important?

According to Google, it uses the rel=”alternate” hreflang=”x” attributes to serve the correct language or regional URL in search results. With just a few extra lines of HTML markup, Google and other major search engines will allow you to specify the […]

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28 Sep 2015

The Big Data Challenge in Emerging Markets

Many commentators confidently predict that Big Data will soon become the basis of all organizational decision-making. But some parts of the world still lag behind. Whilst analysts predict that emerging markets will be producing the majority of the world’s data by […]

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24 Sep 2015

The Death of the Accent & Its Impact on Search

The internet has offered an unparalleled opportunity for people in different countries to communicate with one another leading to an explosion in the exchange of ideas. The technologies and platforms that support this communication have themselves spawned a huge range […]

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18 Sep 2015

Neuro Linguistic Programming and Its Applications in Business

Don’t be put off by the creepy sci-fi concept of programming your brain – neuro linguistic programming (NLP) can be a very valuable tool for global businesses. Whilst NLP encompasses a broad discipline of knowledge, the term essentially refers to […]

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17 Sep 2015

Behaviors That Define Our Species

Tickling and thumb sucking may not seem like significant behaviors but both activities seem to be universal to all human societies. Behaviors such as these are known as human universals – features of our societies for which there are no […]

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15 Sep 2015

International Markets Are Not Homogeneous Units

Any marketer worth their salt understands that markets are not homogeneous units. Populations vary according to demographic, cultural, social and economic factors and all these factors will affect consumer behavior. Understanding how this diversity within the consumer base affects your […]

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01 Sep 2015

Digital Transformation Across Cultures

Digital transformation has become somewhat of a buzzword recently. Everyone claims to be doing it? But who’s succeeding? And how are they managing it across different languages and cultures? Digital transformation is a process that organizations engage in to realign […]

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26 Aug 2015

How To Boost Creativity in the Workplace

Without creativity, businesses risk their products becoming undifferentiated commodities. So how do businesses encourage and nurture creativity? The UK is a world leader when it comes to the creative industries. But globalization has created an environment in which the success […]

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24 Aug 2015

Selling Through International Online Marketplaces

Online marketplaces can be a huge source for revenue for small businesses without their own websites or low marketing budgets but they’re not without their issues. While Amazon and Ebay are among the biggest players in many countries there are a […]

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11 Aug 2015

Localization in the Film and TV Industries

As is the case with many sectors, the film and TV industries are becoming increasingly globalized in the modern age. More and more films and TV series are being submitted for translation, and as the modern consumer expects work to be […]

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