23 Nov 2015

The Future of Online Marketplaces

Businesses looking to venture into new markets often find that the easiest and quickest way to do so is to join an existing online marketplace. Borrowing the credibility of a known marketplace is a good way to introduce your brand […]

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18 Nov 2015

Practical Cultural Advice for Doing Business Abroad

The internet was recently entranced with the observations of a 66-year old American visitor on his visits to the UK. Among gems such as ‘avoid British wine and French beer’ he posted to Facebook, he also gave Americans visiting the […]

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10 Nov 2015

What International Marketers Can Learn From Growth Hackers

It’s easy to be cynical about growth hacking. After all, pursuing and achieving business growth isn’t a new concept. But growth hacking isn’t just about describing marketing activities in a sexier way. It involves a different set of skills and […]

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05 Nov 2015

Trends in Global Social Media

Social media has evolved a great deal over the years and marketers now have to look beyond likes and shares to deliver real business value and ROI from social media activity. Social media networks are beginning to recognize this and […]

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04 Nov 2015

How the World Saves Its Money

A recent survey by financial services website GOBankingRates found that 62% of American households have under $1k in savings. In fact, over a quarter have no savings at all. It’s long been known that Americans don’t tend to be savers […]

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02 Nov 2015

Best Practice for Country & Language Selectors on International Websites

There are many ways in which you can display the languages that your website is available in and the countries the content is intended for. But which way is best? Some sites present their language and country selectors as a […]

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02 Nov 2015

Why Your Global Site Should Use a CDN

If you are trying to reach a global audience, language isn’t the only barrier between you and your potential customers. Even in the digital age, physical distance is still a factor to consider. The further away your website is located […]

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29 Oct 2015

How Mature is Your Website Localization Strategy?

Expanding your business abroad is a major undertaking and most businesses take a long time to reach an advanced state of maturity in their website localization approaches and the digital marketing strategies and tactics that support them. Most savvy businesses […]

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28 Oct 2015

Insights into Theories of Language Acquisition

Language acquisition describes our ability to achieve the capability of both comprehending and using language. The ability to acquire language may be an innate human skill – and one that’s fundamental to our entire civilization. It’s also one that’s not perfectly […]

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26 Oct 2015

How Are Africa’s Wealthy Consumers Spending Their Money?

Africa has been touted as the next big market for luxury retailers. The global luxury industry is estimated to have been worth $279.5 billon in 2015, with just $4 billion of that being spent in Africa. Thanks to a number […]

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