International eCommerce Survey

International eCommerce Survey

Businesses are targeting eCommerce export opportunities despite the recession.

Over the last few weeks, we’ve been asking our clients who work in eCommerce and online retail for their views about working in international markets. The results are in and they make interesting reading.

Where do you do business? A large majority of people who work online have an international element to their business. 60% of people said that more than 30% of their business comes from outside the UK. Nearly one third of people said that over half of their online related business comes from outside the UK.

Predicted growth regions. When asked about regions of fast growth, companies provided a very wide range of responses. Forty per cent of companies identified Europe as a fast growth area for eCommerce while over one fifth (22%) cited Asia as a large and fast growth area.

Where you will be targeting next? Two thirds of people interviewed (67%) said that they would be targeting northern Europe in the next one to two years, with just over half (52%) targeting southern European markets.

Which international markets will you be targeting in the next 1 – 2 years? (Multiple responses accepted). Click for a more detailed graph.


Best way to market your brand to an international audience? In some markets, online marketing tools have replaced traditional marketing and promotional techniques by companies targeting a foreign audience. Less than half would use events and exhibitions (49%) or traditional PR such as press
releases (43%).

Do you use any of the following in your marketing strategy when approaching international markets? (Multiple answers allowed)

Almost two thirds of companies (65%) would use Social Media sites to help to market their brand, while 59% would translate their web site for a native speaking client base.

Pay Per Click marketing, which uses targeted online ads to drive native speaking web traffic online, is gaining in popularity. 25% of respondents would use this approach and a significant number of respondents say that local expertise is vital to the success of international online marketing campaigns.


Barriers you anticipate when entering new international markets? Insufficient knowledge about local cultures, language, local finance arrangements and local customs were all mentioned as significant barriers when entering new markets abroad.

The survey sample: 75 individuals from eCommerce and Retail client companies, surveyed by TranslateMedia in March and April 2012.



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