Members of British American Business

TranslateMedia has been official members of the British American Business Association since 2009

TranslateMedia has for several years provided translation services for the Legal, Financial, Pharmaceutical, Marketing and Oil & Gas sectors. We have sector specific qualified linguists to carry out client requirements.

As of 2009 TranslateMedia became official members of the British American Business Association. British American Business is a well-respected and known grouping of companies that operate in co-operation across the north Atlantic.

TranslateMedia provides language services for fellow members of this group, such as translation of documents and websites, interpreters for conferences, meetings, court hearings, and cultural consulting, among other services.

We have a large supply of tested qualified linguists that specialise in specific industry areas. All our translators go through a strict qualification process before being given any documentation to work on and all our covered under a non-disclosure agreements.

Our clients at British American Business include main corporate sectors such as top 100 international law firms, financial institutions and marketing groups to name but a few.

We offer specially discounted rates to all members on both translation and interpreting and if you would like more information on TranslateMedia, British American Business or the relationship with the group please feel free to contact me using the details below.

Tim John, Business Development Manager, Pharma Industry

Tim John

Business Development Manager

Tel: +44 203 137 0805

TranslateMedia also provides transcription and staffing services so please contact us for further information on these services.

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