Industry Sectors

Hand-picked linguists with the industry sector knowledge you need

We’ve successfully done this time and time again for clients in a diverse range of industry sectors where specific technical knowledge and terminology are required.

Industry sectors that we regularly work in:

Defence and Security translation

Defence and Security

The need for sensitivity from your translation team is imperative. We translate and summarise political risk analyses for several leading security consultancies.

Energy Industry Translation

Energy, Oil & Gas Industries

We work with a diverse range of companies servicing the upstream and downstream sectors of the oil & gas industry, applying our translation management expertise and our international network of professional linguists to provide our clients with the highest quality translations.

eCommerce Website Translation

eCommerce Website Translation

If your online business has been successful, you can capitalise on your experiences by translating your websites and opening up new markets and opportunities.


Fashion eCommerce

We have teams of specialists with expert skills in the language of fast growing sectors such as fashion, luxury, menswear, children’s, knitwear, lingerie, outdoor, footwear, jewellery, cosmetics, gifts and gadgets.

Finance and banking translation

Finance and Banking

Founded in 2004, TranslateMedia Financial is an established leader in translation services. We continue to enjoy success thanks to our efficient, professional approach.

Government translation

Governmental and Public Sector organisations

We have long-standing relationships with various parts of government in several countries. We are very familiar with the whole tendering process and welcome invitations to tender for governmental or public sector work.

I.T translation


We achieve very high quality IT translations by first selecting professional expert translators who have direct expertise in the relevant field. Then we examine the use of glossaries, implementing them through a Translation Memory system.

Law and legal services translation

Law and Legal Services

Founded in 2004, TranslateMedia Legal is an established leader in translation services. We continue to enjoy success thanks to our efficient, professional approach.

Medical translation

Life Sciences

When you choose our medical or pharmaceutical translation services, you can rest assured you’ve chosen a company that prides itself on the quality and accuracy of its completed projects.

Market research translation

Market Research

Market research translation can be a valuable tool for success, whether your business is expanding to reach a new foreign language market or trying to improve its current standing on an international stage.

Marketing translation

Marketing and Advertising

The way in which a brand communicates with consumers varies by culture and also according to the product itself. Translating copy from one language and culture to another is therefore a highly sensitive operation.

Gaming translation

Online Gaming, Sports Betting, Poker and Casino

We have a large market share in online gaming based on our ability to build teams that deliver quickly. In terms of volume, our main gaming work is translating direct email marketing into multiple languages in a short period of time.

Publishing Media Translation

Publishing & Media

We translate content for some of the largest media companies and publishing houses in the world. Whether it’s a news agency requiring news article translations for international markets, or a magazine publisher looking to engage new readers overseas, we can provide tailored solutions for all your publishing translation requirements.

Retail Translation


We work with some of the world’s largest retail groups, as well as many smaller, boutique retailers that need translation and website localisation to expand their operations abroad. We provide the technology, expertise and advice they require to succeed in their international expansion projects. We offer integration with our systems and a number of popular content management systems including Demandware, Venda, Magento and Drupal to reduce costs and increase your translation management efficiency.

Travel and Tourism

Travel and Tourism Technology companies across the world place their trust with TranslateMedia to provide them with multilingual communication, which is localised, to their global customers.

Our Approach

Having exactly the right translation team for your work is vital to ensuring quality results. We work hard to pick the right people for your work and we brief them in detail.

We’ll ask you all the right questions to gather the information we need to build and brief your team of expert translators. Our experience is that it’s well worth spending extra time at the start in order to make sure you get the best results.

“TranslateMedia has been assisting Oxford University Press with the translation of online legal material since September 2006. We have found the Project Management team to be helpful and highly responsive, and the web-based project tracking system makes the process so much easier and more transparent for us.”

Rebecca, Assistant Commissioning Editor, Oxford University Press

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