Translation API for Developers

TranslateMedia Integration Overview

TranslateMedia provides solutions for integration with STREAM, either by the use of custom integration with our API or using a plugin for integration with a CMS. The TranslateMedia STREAM API helps you automate your business translation needs by providing direct access to TranslateMedia STREAM Translation Workflow Technology via standard Web Services technology. By automating your translations processes, you will be able to obtain quicker turnarounds, with less human interaction and fully integrated with your system, in a secure fashion.

  • Automate your business translation needs with STREAM API
  • Reduce the cost, complexity and turn-around time of your translations.
  • Integrate TranslateMedia STREAM in your website, application, mobile app or CMS

Reduce your costs and unburden your staff, moving from a manual translation request process to an automated one. By using the STREAM API you are able to interact with our services, obtaining translation quotes and requesting translation orders, without the need of using a manual web interface process. You will be able to send us your files to translate, directly from your website, your desktop application, your mobile app or your CMS based application.

A brief overview of functionalities provided by the API.

The STREAM API offers a wide range of services that will support your translations needs, from a simple translation quote to a more advance translation request. Obtain instant quotes, track your translations orders, and manage large volumes of translation work with efficiency and quality.

Translation Ordering

Sending text or a full document in a variety of formats to the TranslateMedia server
Wide range of flexible parameters that can be set up when requesting an order
Ability to add more info documents to each order

Quote calculation

Automated instant quotations based on maximum possible costing per job
Automated analyses against translation memories and cost calculations
Several available parameters that can be used for quote calculation

Job Tracking & Reporting

Real-time reporting on the status of a translation work in progress
Obtain information regarding delivery times and estimates
Available management information for all data associated to orders

File support

Common Office related files: doc, docx, xls, xlsx, ppt, pptx and pdf
Text and markup files, such as: txt, rtf, html and xml
Localisation files: xlf, xliff, mqxliff, mqxlz and xlz

We provide online documentation and resources that will help you learn more about the STREAM API and quickly integrate it in your systems. Check our Quick Start section to get you started in using the STREAM API or check our Documentation section to learn more about the API.

Getting Started
Get started with the STREAM API. Create your API Key and follow our Quick Start guide.

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API Documentation
Learn more about the STREAM API, by reading the API documentation and viewing some examples.

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