07 Jul 2016

We’re Hiring

This is an excellent opportunity to work in an award-winning global translations agency, recently ranked in the Sunday Times Export Track 100. With existing offices in London, Paris, Hong Kong, Munich, Singapore, New York and Austin, Texas, our main clients are […]

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20 May 2014

Multi-lingual Content Creation 101

What are the best approaches to creating a multi-lingual website or advertising campaign? The world’s a really big place, but as a result of globalisation we’re closer to each other than ever before. Here at TranslateMedia we speak with our […]

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23 Jan 2014

International eCommerce – 5 Crucial (and Easy) Steps

Clients often call us saying that they want to “roll out the website in ten languages”.  It’s not quite so simple anymore as anyone who has tried to set up online site shipping to Russia or Brazil will tell you, […]

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03 Apr 2013

Secure Translation Tools are a Must for Confidential Documents

Experts warn that emails are the least secure and confidential medium of communication, ranking behind the telephone and the regular mail. 3 reasons why emails are not secure 1) Every relay receives a copy of your message When you send […]

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14 Mar 2013

Our Favourite Language Learning Apps this Month

We believe that language learning apps are great. Here are our three favourite apps of the month: Memrise is a free online educational platform. We especially like this app because you don’t just have the chance to learn European, Asian or […]

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08 Mar 2013

Will the Semantic Web mean better Machine Translation?

“The Web of today is about documents, the Semantic Web is about things and how these things are related to each other” But what exactly does this mean? So far, computers only recognise how you say things (i.e. the syntax) […]

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01 Mar 2013

‘Doctor Who’ Translated and Dubbed into various Languages

The famous British science fiction television programme Doctor Who has been dubbed into many languages including German, French, Italian and Portuguese. The series, one of the most successful exports in British television history, runs in over 200 countries, including the […]

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21 Feb 2013

Why We Should Care About Dying Languages

Imagine being the last person of your people to speak your language. With no possibility to pass on the wisdom of your ancestors, the cultural heritage, your way of expressing your love, your humour, your life. According to the UNESCO, […]

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14 Feb 2013

App Translation and Localisation

In an increasingly globalised world it is becoming progressively important to localise, as mentioned in a previous article. This means that it is not sufficient enough to just ‘be there’: products, services and even mobile phone apps cannot simply be translated, […]

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07 Feb 2013

How-to: Order Translations from TranslateMedia

We thought it would be interesting to share a breakdown of how our clients order translations. Below are described the three major methods we allow clients to send us translations, to help you think about how to order translations for […]

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