22 Feb 2017

Join Us at Retail Without Borders

TranslateMedia is pleased to announce it is sponsoring Pentagon’s Retail Without Borders event on the 23rd March 2017. Expanding your business into new markets and selling products internationally is tricky. Not only do language barriers present huge challenges but you […]

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14 Feb 2017

Easy Website Localisation with Joomla! and TranslateMedia

Joomla! is a popular web content management system (CMS) and millions of businesses use it to power their corporate websites and blogs. Joomla! is a popular choice for a number of reasons. It’s free, open source, easy to install and use, […]

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10 Jan 2017

TranslateMedia Sponsors Global Ecommerce Leaders Forum

We’re pleased to announce that TranslateMedia is sponsoring this year’s Global Ecommerce Leaders Forum (GELF) event. GELF speakers will deliver a mix of global eCommerce strategy and tactical cross-border advice. Spend the day discussing proven and emerging international eCommerce business […]

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04 Jan 2017

How to Scale Your Mobile Game Business in China

China is now the largest mobile game market in the world and around 10,000 new mobile games were released to 400 million mobile gamers in a market worth $7 billion in 2015. 2016 is likely to have been even bigger. […]

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02 Dec 2016

The Surprising Cost of Learning a New Language

One aspect of language learning that’s often overlooked is the sheer cost of acquiring fluency. With languages varying widely in terms of the amount of time it takes to achieve full competency, the cost of study can be very different […]

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25 Nov 2016

Should Luxury Brands Get Involved in Cyber Monday?

Discounting compromises exclusivity. That’s why it’s difficult for luxury brands to decide how to participate in seasonal sales events such as Cyber Monday. It’s common for retailers to lure customers with tempting offers at this time of the year in […]

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23 Nov 2016

The State of eCommerce Localisation 2016 Report

Practicology & TranslateMedia release research identifying localisation opportunities for global online retailers. “The retail industry is still in the early stages of defining strategies for localisation.” Cross-border eCommerce has always been a major challenge for brands and retailers. This report […]

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21 Nov 2016

Things We Can All Learn from the Travel Industry

The travel industry has long been at the forefront of technology adoption. Some of the most successful businesses to survive the dotcom bubble of the early 2000s were travel companies – notably Expedia, lastminute.com and priceline.com – all of which […]

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18 Nov 2016

Tools to Help You Build a Business Case for Going Global

Sometimes businesses hold back their own expansion. This can happen for a number of reasons, such as complacency, fear, and lack of understanding of the possibilities. If you’re trying to build a business case for going global, there are a […]

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17 Nov 2016

Is Black Friday Actually Profitable for Retailers?

Each year the Black Friday shopping event dominates the news and breaks new sales records. But does this annual consumer frenzy really benefit retailers? With savvy shoppers expecting huge discounts, and retailers facing massive logistical challenges for fulfilling orders, is […]

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