Quality Manager

Reporting to the Operations Manager and Operations Director, the Quality Manager role will involve supporting the Operations team in continually improving the quality of work delivered and ascertaining that linguists befit the company’s quality terms.

The role will be based in London. You will take the lead across the whole organisation for ensuring that we deliver work of a consistently high standard.

General duties:

Account auditing & analytics

Working with the Operations team you will be required to assess the translation teams on large key accounts during the client on-boarding phase, providing feedback to the Production team on possible improvements to the teams.

You will be expected to assist in the audit of key client accounts periodically to ensure that everything possible is being done to minimise risk, working with the Operations Manager.

This includes ensuring company policies and standards are adhered to regarding linguistic quality, encouraging and supporting the Production team in and Senior PMs by providing detailed team reports, and in developing and rolling out translation memory, use of glossaries and creative support materials.

You will provide reports on key performance indicators to the Operations Director and Manager, and use the reports to track Quality and improve it over time, acting on insights gained, and adapting measurements to improve the efficacy of your reports, and resulting actions.

Translator evaluation

As part of an initial “clean-up” of registered translators, your role will involve assessing the suitability of existing translators and determining their future on individual client accounts and the database as a whole.  You will work with the UK, Asian and US offices and their project managers to gather feedback on translators to assist in your decisions.

You will be responsible for continually identifying translators quality scores and aid Client Services by investigating reasons for poor translation quality.  You will champion the company’s efforts in providing detail on translators and their work, with the aim of producing a more valuable and informative database.

Job Board monitoring

You will be expected to look at the monitoring board regularly and investigate anything that might look suspicious such as QA flags, late deadlines in Express jobs, no revision in Premium jobs. You will have a keen eye on what is going on and suggest improvements to current workflow to the Operations team.

Spot checks

You will be tasked with monitoring the level of QA flags raised on all client accounts.  Working with project managers you will set goals to reduce the number of QA flags raised on particular accounts, feeding back to the Operations team on any accounts where goals are not met.


You will flag key areas in quality control which require more training to the internal training team and you will execute day-to-day training, directly reporting and escalating issues to  Operations.

Client services

You will also support the Client Services Director in investigations following complaints, being the main go-to person for complaints when the Global Head of Production is not available.

You will support Client Services in actively gathering client feedback and generally reinforce service standards within the Production team.

Quality Standards

You will assist the Operations team with obtaining and complying with quality standards.

Operational Tasks

You will support the Operations team with their activities, covering colleagues and contributing to the team.

Please apply by sending an email to Operations Director Matt Train matt@translatemedia.com or apply via our online form.

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