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Why the Language Service Industry?

We have created this resource to help graduates take their first steps in the language services industry. We recall how finding the right job was a daunting task. So we have agreed to impart as much knowledge as we can to help.

Knowledge of a foreign language has become an increasingly sought after skill for firms hoping to operate in the global market. Therefore, the demand for translators and interpreters has increased, with predicting that by 2018, employment in this field is set to increase by 22%.

As well as being a vocation that has a secure future, the role of a translator/interpreter has been ranked amongst the top 50 careers for 2011.

Perhaps this is due to the entrepreneurial nature of the industry, the ability to be your own boss, the flexible working hours, the interesting work, or the capacity to work from any location with an Internet connection, but it is clear that a career in the language service industry is both satisfying and in-demand.


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