16 May 2016

The Drive to Clean Up Digital Advertising

Advertising trade bodies on both sides of the Atlantic are on a drive to clean up some of the murky practices in the global digital advertising industry and engender more trust and accountability between media agents and their clients. British trade […]

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19 Aug 2014

Translating Native Advertising for an International Audience

Native advertising is more effective than display advertising when it comes to grabbing the attention of consumers. That’s according to research from IPG Media Lab which measured visual attention and brand lift for native ads from a number of top […]

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22 Jul 2014

Localising Smells: How Different Cultures Perceive Scents

Smell is not just a biological or psychological experience, it is also a social and cultural phenomenon. For the Ongee people, who reside on the Andaman Islands in the Bay of Bengal between India and Burma, the universe and everything […]

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11 Jul 2014

The Impact of Cultural Values on Marketing Ethics

A single marketing message cannot be expected to work in multiple territories due to cultural and ethical differences. You must therefore be prepared to make necessary adjustments when attempting to break into international markets. Failure to do so could leave […]

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01 Jul 2014

Should Brands Get ‘Down With da Kids’?

One of the greatest challenges for brands these days is connecting with the younger generation. It can be extremely difficult to get your message across to teenagers – especially as your memories of what it was like growing up as […]

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20 May 2014

Multi-lingual Content Creation 101

What are the best approaches to creating a multi-lingual website or advertising campaign? The world’s a really big place, but as a result of globalisation we’re closer to each other than ever before. Here at TranslateMedia we speak with our […]

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16 May 2014

Learning to COPE with Your Content Marketing

The pace of change in the world of digital media is becoming so fast that today’s technology can seem in danger of soon becoming, well, yesterday’s news. Such mind-boggling change can leave some professionals struggling to cope. Yet COPE is […]

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13 May 2014

Managing a Translation Mix-Up

If you fall foul of a translation gaffe, how do you best manage the fall-out? Here are some effective tips… Today’s global business landscape means more and more companies – large, medium and small – are trading across borders. But […]

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08 May 2014

Is Bad Grammar Harming Your Brand?

Billy Connolly once said: “There’s no such thing as bad language, only bad use of good language.” Whether you agree with the Scottish comedian or not, bad grammar seems to be increasingly all around us – from office emails to the […]

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04 Feb 2014

Coke Ad Kicks up a Storm in Many Languages

A multilingual advert for Coca-Cola broadcast during the recent NFL Super Bowl in the US has divided opinion. The advert features the song “America The Beautiful” sung in eight languages: English; Hebrew, Mandarin; the Filipino language Tagalog; Arabic; Spanish; Senegalese-French; […]

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