14 Sep 2016

CNN’s Adventures in Africa

US-based cable and news broadcaster CNN is constantly on the lookout for ways to engage new audiences. The broadcaster’s been experimenting on Snapchat as it seeks out the notoriously hard-to-reach Centennial generation. Now CNN is venturing into the African continent […]

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22 Apr 2016

How Culture Impacts Creativity

A recent study by Columbia University has suggested that our creative output may be partly determined by our cultural background. Using a relatively small sample size of only 300 subjects, researchers tested a theory that people from individualistic cultures may […]

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29 Oct 2013

21 Elements of International Marketing

Expanding your business abroad is a major undertaking, even for the most experienced entrepreneurs and marketing professionals. Every region has its own cultural, political, economic, legal and technological nuances, which means that a single business plan will almost never allow […]

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02 Dec 2011

Translation and Copywriting Services for Luxury Brands

Translation and Copywriting Services for Luxury Brands Our experienced team provides translation, localisation, and copywriting services to global luxury brands. Luxury Brands from all over the world rely on TranslateMedia to be their multilingual voice across the globe. TranslateMedia understands […]

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