27 Jan 2017

Is Virtual Reality Destined to Disturb the Gaming Industry?

Virtually Reality (VR) has been the talk of the gaming community since Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg acquired Oculus in 2014. But despite the major players in VR hardware launching devices throughout 2016, the new gaming devices have yet to take off […]

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18 Jan 2017

The Challenges of Machine-to-Human Communication

Humanity stands at an odd junction in its relationship with machines. We’re sophisticated enough to have machines that talk to us as they check out our groceries, but jaded enough that these machines annoy us. Empty lifts inform non-existent passengers […]

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13 Jan 2017

How the Gig Economy is Impacting Legal Services

The career path in the legal sector has traditionally been one of two routes – private practice or in-house counsel. The rise of independent professionals has driven an employment revolution in the EU. Law firms and business alike are beginning […]

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09 Jan 2017

Mandarin’s Problem of Character Amnesia

They call it tibiwangzi: the problem of native Chinese speakers forgetting how to write their own language. Although it’s hard to understand if you’re from a Latin alphabet background, character amnesia is a very real and widespread phenomenon in Chinese […]

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17 Aug 2016

Handwriting ‘Accents’: How We Write Reveals Our Cultural Identity

Believe it or not, the way in which we form our letters can often help identify our culture of origin and even our mother tongue. Although we may achieve a high level of fluency in another language, it’s surprisingly hard […]

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09 May 2016

How to Negotiate Between Cultures with Different Cultural Values

We’re all informed by the cultural values we’ve been immersed in. These cultural values tend to determine our core beliefs and regulate our behaviour. They dictate what we think is right and wrong, socially acceptable or unacceptable, what embarrasses us […]

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03 May 2016

Coping with Culture Shock: The Five Stages

Culture shock is something that tends to be joked about but it’s a real phenomenon and one that can have a deep impact on people suffering from it. From a business perspective, culture shock can be an issue of real […]

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23 Feb 2016

The Challenge of Disproportionate Language Representation Online

The Internet is humanity’s biggest ever repository of information, an enabler of communication between people across the globe and a way to access education, participate and change the world. But over 4 billion people have yet to access this colossal […]

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11 Feb 2016

Naming Conventions Around the World

The concept of naming varies greatly around the world. The western European and North American notion of a person keeping one first name throughout their life isn’t reflected in the naming practices of other cultures. How people introduce themselves, expect […]

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01 Feb 2016

The Disruptive Effect of Chinese New Year

If you’re doing any business in Asia, you can’t fail to be aware of Chinese New Year which is being celebrated on the 8th February. This huge event is celebrated in China and beyond, including countries such as Thailand, Malaysia […]

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