28 Nov 2016

The Technology Behind Fortune Global 500 Companies

It’s safe to say that technology is shifting the way large organisations market their brands. Companies with traditional and well-honoured principles have had to slowly navigate their way into the online arena in a more strategic way – ensuring that […]

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11 Nov 2016

The Importance of Innovation in Retail

The rise of smartphones and the tech-savvy consumer means we’re increasingly seeing a world where people are more connected than ever before. Globally, 51.4% of people using the internet are doing so via mobile according to the web statistics site […]

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17 Oct 2016

How Zara is Tackling India and China

Zara has been described as “possibly the most innovative and devastating retailer in the world”. Spanish clothes retailer Zara is a huge global phenomenon and it seems to have bold ambitions to grow in the major emerging markets of India and […]

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10 Aug 2016

How German Banks Are Erecting Language Barriers

As the EU’s largest economy, and the EU’s biggest banking sector, the way German banks behave is significant for the wider EU economy. Yet Germany’s banks have been behaving with uncharacteristic resistance to European union. Nearly all of the German […]

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12 Jul 2016

Protecting Intellectual Property Rights Globally

How do you enforce and protect intellectual property rights in a foreign territory? In a series of cases that have alarmed the world, one of the most famous brands in existence has not always managed to defend its own intellectual […]

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22 Jun 2016

Why English People Should Stop Learning French

Why are we still teaching French to school kids? From an economic perspective, it isn’t all that beneficial to learn and there are other languages likely to be more useful for working life. French remains language the most commonly studied […]

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06 Jun 2016

The Uberisation of Legal Services – Can It Work?

A new online business model has emerged which sees people sharing their properties, possessions or services in exchange for a fee, mediated by services such as Airbnb, Uber or TaskRabbit. It’s been called the ‘sharing economy’ and is characterised by […]

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04 May 2016

The Impact of a ‘Brexit’ on Language

The June referendum about whether the UK will stay in the EU is getting closer, and the latest polls seem to indicate that ‘leave’ vote may be slightly ahead of the ‘stay’ camp. For the first time in recent history, […]

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08 Mar 2016

The Challenges Wearable Tech Poses to the Fashion Industry

As wearable tech becomes more widely adopted, the lines between fashion and technology will undoubtedly become blurred. But the wearable tech industry is facing huge social, cultural and linguistic challenges to mainstream adoption in various regions around the world. ‘Wearable […]

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17 Aug 2015

How London Start-ups Are Leading the Fintech Revolution

The recent financial crisis left many British financial institutions on the edge of bankruptcy but has opened up opportunities for financial technology start-ups. Despite the colossal losses incurred by the major financial institutions, the City of London hasn’t shut shop. Far from it – […]

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