01 Apr 2014

Cornish Language Receives Funding Boost

If you ask someone to name a Celtic language, most people will offer up Welsh. A few may be aware that nearly one hundred thousand people speak Irish, while fewer still will know of Scottish Gaelic, which is still spoken north of […]

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20 Aug 2013

Can Silicon Valley Save Our Endangered Languages?

The number of languages spoken worldwide is unknown – mainly because it is not well defined what constitutes a separate language as opposed to a dialect. Ethnologue estimate that there are around 7,105 languages currently spoken around the globe. Most […]

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12 Dec 2011

Gaelic Interpreting Service

Gaelic Interpreting Service Each Gaelic interpreting assignment is unique, and there are various different types of interpreting to suit different situations. We advise clients to plan in advance, book Gaelic interpreting services early, and always give very clear instructions on […]

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