09 Dec 2013

Global Trade Deal Worth £1bn to UK Agreed

Ministers from across the world have agreed a landmark deal designed to boost global trade and facilitate faster and easier trading between countries. The World Trade Organization (WTO) agreement, secured at a meeting in Bali, Indonesia, is intended to reduce […]

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23 Oct 2013

Foreign Lawyers in Indonesia Expected to Pass Exam in Local Language

A new proposal by the Indonesian bar association will prevent foreign lawyers wishing to practice in the country unless they can pass an ethics exam….in Indonesian. Although they are banned from practising Indonesian law and can only work as international […]

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13 Dec 2011

Indonesian General Translation

General Indonesian Translation Service We know all the right questions to ask to optimise your translation services and processes. That means that you’ll get your Indonesian translations back quicker and in the long run, cheaper. We’ll give you an experienced […]

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