01 Sep 2016

Digital Marketing Trends in the Legal Sector

The way that businesses and individuals seek out information on the most suitable providers of legal services for their needs has changed dramatically in the last few years. A 2012 study by The Research Intelligence Group found 76% of 4,000 […]

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10 Aug 2016

Easy Website Localisation with Drupal & TranslateMedia

TranslateMedia has just released a module to integrate Drupal with its state-of-the-art translation workflow management system, STREAM. The module works in conjunction with the Translation Management Tool for Drupal – a popular website localisation module which simplifies the translation process […]

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01 Mar 2016

Selective Localisation: Knowing When and What to Localise

Localisation differs from translation in that localisation takes into account the idiosyncrasies of the culture within each market – adapting the product, service and message to suit local audiences. As more brands understand the importance of localisation, “think global; act […]

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16 Feb 2016

Buying into Brand Britain: Global Opportunities for UK Exporters

Britain has a reputation for quality manufacturing and goods made in Britain are not only considered to be desirable across much of the world but the ‘made in Britain’ label also commands a premium in many markets. For wealthy and […]

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15 Dec 2015

Tips for Designing Websites for Asian Markets

If you are building or adapting a website for Asian audiences, there are a few practical considerations you need to take into account. There are technical challenges posed by the need to cater for the character sets featured in Asian […]

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03 Nov 2015

Location Profiling: The Future of Audience Data?

Marketers are increasingly gaining visibility of consumer behaviour, not only online but also in the offline world. Location profiling data is the key to this new level of visibility of consumer behaviour, and it’s offering useful insights into how online […]

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02 Nov 2015

Best Practice for Country & Language Selectors on International Websites

There are many ways in which you can display the languages that your website is available in and the countries the content is intended for. But which way is best? Some sites present their language and country selectors as a […]

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21 Oct 2015

Website Design in Asia vs. The West

Western web designers often snigger at cluttered Asian websites. To a US or European audience, Asian web design seems hugely crowded with images, text, distracting gif and Flash animations and a overwhelming mass of icons. Why has this style of web […]

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20 Oct 2015

Experiences of US Companies Localising for the UK Market

Although they may be mutually comprehensible to each other, speakers of British and American English are able to recognise when it isn’t their version of the language being spoken. Despite the language similarities, brands expanding from the US to the UK […]

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09 Oct 2015

WordPress Website Localisation Made Easy 
With WPML & TranslateMedia

WordPress is the world’s most popular web content management system (CMS) and millions of businesses use it to power their websites. As these businesses expand, rather spending significant time and resources on redeveloping their websites, they often look to localising their […]

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