17 Aug 2015

How London Start-ups Are Leading the Fintech Revolution

The recent financial crisis left many British financial institutions on the edge of bankruptcy but has opened up opportunities for financial technology start-ups. Despite the colossal losses incurred by the major financial institutions, the City of London hasn’t shut shop. Far from it – […]

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27 Mar 2014

‘Dramatic Jump’ in Chinese Speakers in City of London

There has been a significant jump in the number of Chinese speakers working in London’s vibrant financial services district, new research suggests. In an analysis of the most commonly spoken foreign languages in the City, Mandarin and Cantonese now feature in the top 10. […]

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10 Dec 2013

UK Creative Firms Urged to Look Overseas

The UK’s creative industries are a British success story. Representing the largest creative sector in Europe, accounting for 6.2% of the UK economy and employing more than two million people, it is set to play a starring role in the […]

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15 Oct 2013

Too Much TV Can Send You Cockney, Say Linguists

You might think that the Glaswegian and Cockney accents are so far apart that any worthwhile communication would require a team of translators, but recent developments have shown that the two brogues are more similar than you think. Research from […]

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20 May 2010

TranslateMedia at the “Digital Media Oscars”

  Last week we attended the Media Momentum awards for the top 50 fastest growing digital media companies in Europe.  The awards dinner was held at Sketch in Central London, and our Director Rupert Evans and I went along to […]

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13 May 2010

Meet our Team

  We’ve decided to open up our internal staff website to the wider world. You can access the site by clicking anywhere on this sentence. Alternatively you can visit our website to see the key employees of each TranslateMedia office. […]

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07 May 2010

Office Upgrade

This month our London office was upgraded – we knocked through a wall to make some more room, and re-arranged things to add a new break area. The upgrade has been in planning for a while and everyone in the […]

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