05 Aug 2015

Are Translators and Interpreters a Dying Breed?

Google translate has long been an object of ridicule among professional linguists and translators, but machine translation technology and the quality of the translations are undoubtedly improving at a rapid pace. In May 2014 Google announced their purchase of Word […]

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06 Aug 2014

Grammatical Habits of Non-native Speakers Offer Linguistic Clues

Machine translation tools are extremely useful in the world of business. They helps professionals from different countries communicate with each other, allowing them to discuss terms and thrash out deals relatively quickly. The rising popularity of machine translation, particularly among companies […]

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06 May 2014

Google Helping Computers Read and Hear Words

Google is currently working on ways to refine how computers read language. Scientists at the internet service giant are providing a series of tools for researchers to help PCs, tablets and mobile phones recognise and know the difference between certain […]

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01 May 2014

eBay Using Machine Translation to Support Russian Expansion

Any mobile user who has sent or received predictive texts will know the exasperation there can be in getting technology to communicate exactly what it is you want to say. Indeed, conveying messages across the worldwide web to consumers in different […]

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28 Mar 2014

eBay Using Translation Machinery to Break into the BRICs

Translation tool to make items listed in English available to Russian speakers E-commerce giant eBay is looking to expand into the world’s emerging markets by making product listings written in English available to users who speak a myriad of languages. The […]

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29 Oct 2013

21 Elements of International Marketing

Expanding your business abroad is a major undertaking, even for the most experienced entrepreneurs and marketing professionals. Every region has its own cultural, political, economic, legal and technological nuances, which means that a single business plan will almost never allow […]

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28 Aug 2013

Scientists Develop New System to Help Computers Learn Human Languages

For more than a decade, computer scientists and linguists have attempted to get computers to learn human languages by programming semantics using software. Semantics is the study of meaning, i.e. the relation between words and phrases. Katrin Erk, a linguistics […]

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28 Aug 2013

Google Works with Translators to Improve African Language Translation

Google Africa has approached volunteers to request that they judge the quality of beta translations in African languages including Zulu, Igbo, Somali and Yoruba.  A Google+ post advertised the initiative to users who speak one of the languages. They were […]

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20 Aug 2013

Google Introduces Native Translation for Google+

Google has introduced native translations for Google+ accounts previously only possible using the Google Translate for Google+ Chrome extension which was released in 2011. The new functionality will translate desktop Google+ posts and comments into the user’s native tongue. Below […]

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27 Jul 2013

Google Real-time Spoken Language Translator in Development

Google has confirmed that it is working on a real-time spoken language translator. While this type of machine translation technology has been a staple of science fiction books, TV shows and films since the late 20th century, perfection of an […]

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