22 Feb 2017

How Different Cultures Value the Spoken vs. the Written Word

Communication can essentially be divided into two categories: the written and spoken word. How the balance is struck between these two forms of communication – the point at which one needs to be exchanged for another – really depends on […]

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20 Feb 2017

Why the Car Industry is Switching to English

In moves that came as a surprise to many people, two major car makers recently announced that they were changing their official languages to English. Volkswagen (VW) is the latest firm to switch languages, following on from Honda last year. […]

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15 Feb 2017

How the Jewellery Industry is Tackling the Growing Problem of Fakes

Fake branded jewellery is an increasingly significant concern in a brand-driven jewellery industry where an increasing number of transactions are happening online. It’s happening at high and low ends of the market, affecting jewellery both budget and fine, and brands […]

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10 Feb 2017

China’s Passion for QR Codes

QR codes are considered dead and buried in the UK but they’re alive and well in Asia. First created in Japan in the mid-nineties, QR codes first seemed a great way to connect the offline and online worlds – it’s […]

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06 Feb 2017

Why Global Brands Should Redesign Their Value Proposition for New Markets

One of the most important things to understand about doing business internationally is that one approach can’t work everywhere. Brands need to re-evaluate every aspect of their approach as they enter new markets, localising every part of their offering to […]

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03 Feb 2017

How Consumer Understanding of Luxury Retail is Changing

Luxury is no longer about buying and owning rare and beautiful things. Discerning consumers now seek out experiences that define luxury, that are customised and meaningful to them. It’s a symptom of increasing customer sophistication, and also a search for […]

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30 Jan 2017

Why a Decentralised Content Creation Strategy Works Best for International Organisations

Until now your brand’s content strategy has probably focused on your own blog. This was almost invariably contained within your own website, where it attracted all the SEO juice you could want and helped showcase your authority in whatever area […]

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20 Jan 2017

Why 2017 is Going to be the Year of the Customer

The way customers view and interact with brands has been undergoing a long-term change; one that’s expected to reach a peak in 2017. Customers are now very much in the driving seat when it comes to their relationship with businesses. […]

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18 Jan 2017

The Challenges of Machine-to-Human Communication

Humanity stands at an odd junction in its relationship with machines. We’re sophisticated enough to have machines that talk to us as they check out our groceries, but jaded enough that these machines annoy us. Empty lifts inform non-existent passengers […]

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16 Jan 2017

The Current State of Mobile Gaming and Advertising

Revenue in the global gaming market reached over $99 billion dollars in 2016, with mobile generating 37% of total revenue. Mobile gaming is set to generate over $52 billion globally by 2019. Innovations in smartphone technology and the popularity of […]

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