02 May 2014

Could a Poor Translation Kill You?

No inquest has returned a verdict of death by bad translation. For a start, it’s not in a coroner’s remit. But so many high-risk industries rely on good interpretations from one language to another that accurate translation is vital and […]

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08 Apr 2014

Medics with Poor English Language Skills ‘Face Axe’

Doctors and nurses in the UK who cannot communicate clearly in English face being struck off under new regulations. Other health workers could also be given the boot if their language skills aren’t deemed to be up to scratch. It […]

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14 Jan 2014

‘Revolutionary’ Pharmaceuticals Centre Opens In Scotland

A research centre which will “revolutionise” the way pharmaceuticals are made has opened at the University of Strathclyde in Scotland. It hasn’t got the snappiest title, but the EPSRC Centre for Innovative Manufacturing in Continuous Manufacturing and Crystallisation (CMAC) will […]

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20 Dec 2013

Translation Services a ‘Vital Part’ of Healthcare Strategies

Imagine going to the doctor only to find they cannot explain your condition. Imagine being given healthcare literature only to find you cannot understand it. Imagine visiting a family member in hospital only to find you cannot understand what the […]

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12 Dec 2013

China Healthcare Market Opened up to UK

A number of healthcare deals have been signed between China and the UK British deals with China are coming thick and fast following Prime Minister David Cameron’s visit to the global powerhouse. The flurry of interest in the Asian giant […]

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25 Nov 2013

Doctors Face New Language Skills Checks

Being unable to communicate effectively can have negative consequences both in business and personally,  and sometimes it can even have fatal results. That was certainly the case in 2008 when Dr Daniel Ubani gave his patient a lethal overdose of […]

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19 Nov 2013

Bilingualism Can Delay the Effects of Dementia

Two languages are better than one Speaking more than one language is a skill to be envied that can help you in business, as well as in leisure abroad. But a recent study now claims that it could also carry […]

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13 Nov 2013

New Study Debunks Myths of Medical Tourism

A new study conducted by a team of British researchers and led by the University of York has debunked the myths surrounding the popularity and the business of medical tourism. In an article, to be published in the journal Policy […]

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19 Jun 2013

Medical Translation

The most important requirements in medical translation are accuracy and confidentiality We work with a range of high profile clients in the medical and pharmaceutical industry that trust us, because our expert translators have the skills and experience to give […]

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13 Dec 2011

Arabic Medical Translation

Arabic Medical Translation Services Our Arabic medical-translation teams have been carefully vetted and put together to ensure that they cover a broad range of areas within medicine. The strength and the breadth of experience with our teams allow us to […]

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