30 Jul 2014

Are Retailers Ready for the Post-Ramadan Rush?

Middle Eastern shoppers are used to forking out on the luxuries in life. But at this time of year many have been fasting for a month, going without food or drink between sunrise and sunset, and denying themselves even the […]

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11 Jul 2014

The Impact of Cultural Values on Marketing Ethics

A single marketing message cannot be expected to work in multiple territories due to cultural and ethical differences. You must therefore be prepared to make necessary adjustments when attempting to break into international markets. Failure to do so could leave […]

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07 Feb 2014

Israeli Arab Start-ups Offered Support

An Israel-based business project that aims to help small companies looking to develop Arabic language tools for the online and mobile market is currently in the planning stages. The ‘technology incubator’ will focus on Israeli Arab entrepreneurs hoping to capitalise on burgeoning […]

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03 Dec 2013

New Initiative to Encourage UK Students to Think Global

The UK Government has launched an ambitious new education programme to prepare the next generation of British businesspeople to live and thrive in a global society. Through the Global Learning Programme (GLP) UK students will learn about global trade, technology, […]

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29 Oct 2013

21 Elements of International Marketing

Expanding your business abroad is a major undertaking, even for the most experienced entrepreneurs and marketing professionals. Every region has its own cultural, political, economic, legal and technological nuances, which means that a single business plan will almost never allow […]

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24 Oct 2013

Translations Fostering Saudi-Brazilian Relations

An award for work on Arabic to Portugese translation has been used by Saudi Arabia to strengthen relations between themselves and Brazil. João Baptista Vargens, a university professor, won the ceremony of the 6th Custodian of the Mosques King Abdullah […]

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14 Oct 2013

Middle East Ecommerce: Opportunities and Challenges

As Google, PayPal and logistics firm Aramex announce an important ecommerce tie-up in the Middle East to empower small businesses to go online, we take a look at what it means for the region’s retail landscape. To say that ecommerce […]

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16 Jul 2013

Social Media and Machine Translation: A Recipe for Disaster?

This month Twitter began translating Arabic language tweets from high-profile Egyptian politicians. Following the recent political upheaval, the former president Mohammed Morsi, opposition leader Mohammed ElBaradei and Arab Spring activist Wael Ghonim all had tweets made available to non-Arabic speaking […]

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17 Apr 2013

5 Tips for Implementing Successful International Search Campaigns

In the past, many organisations scheduled marketing activity to be executed within a given time-frame. These campaigns typically involved identifying business objectives, conducting market research, formulating strategy, devising methods of execution and finally delivering campaign outputs such as target key […]

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10 Apr 2013

Teenager Learns 22 Languages in Just a Few Weeks

New Yorker Timothy Doner is just 17 years old but he has managed to teach himself 22 different languages in just a few weeks. He was able to master some widely spoken European languages like French, Spanish, Italian and German […]

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