24 Jul 2015

The Connection Between Music and Language

Music making seems to occur, in some form or another, in all human societies. Although musical behaviour varies in sophistication, music itself seems to be universal across all human cultures and plays a key part in rituals of all varieties, […]

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07 Mar 2014

The Brain Processes Music Like Language

What’s cookin’, daddy-o? Jamming jazz musicians process music much like they do spoken language, a new study shows. Researchers in the US found that when hip cats get their groove on for a spot of improvised boogie woogie they use the […]

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20 Nov 2013

Can You Learn Languages Better with a Song?

Music has been found to aid the learning of a new language People having trouble learning their Latin, remembering their Romanian or digesting their Dutch might be well advised to break into song, as a new study suggests it greatly […]

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04 Nov 2013

Translation Holds Key to Potential of UK Music Tourism

Generating a total of £2.2 billion to the UK economy, the music tourism industry is big business in anyone’s language. But this figure could translate into something even higher. That’s because several UK festival operators don’t have foreign language content […]

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27 Jul 2012

Multicultural Rock’n’Roll: AC/DC’s Music Around the World

By Matteo Ippoliti aka Matteo Abruzzo Matteo has worked with TranslateMedia since 2007 and translated half a million words for us. When we learned of his multicultural adventures touring the globe with AC/DC we were compelled to invite Matteo to […]

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