30 Sep 2015

Happy International Translation Day!

We’d like to wish everyone a happy International Translation Day. International Translation Day has been celebrated since 1953 when FIT (the International Federation of Translators) decided there should be a day set aside to show solidarity of the worldwide translation […]

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24 Jul 2015

The Connection Between Music and Language

Music making seems to occur, in some form or another, in all human societies. Although musical behaviour varies in sophistication, music itself seems to be universal across all human cultures and plays a key part in rituals of all varieties, […]

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10 Jul 2015

The Huge Vocabulary of Drugs: Slang Terms for Illicit Substances

Recreational drugs are known under a plethora of slang terms that parents and police officers often scramble to keep on top of. Each drug can have a surprisingly long list of aliases in different regions around the world, and these […]

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07 Jul 2015

The Best Language Infographics & Interactive Tools on the Web

We’ve come across so many informative infographics and handy interactive tools on the web recently that we felt it was time to share and celebrate them. Here’s a beautiful visual representation of the relative proportions of native speakers of the […]

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30 Jun 2015

At What Point Do You Become Fluent in a Language?

A person who speaks another language will often be asked to explain how well they can speak it. “But are you fluent?” they’ll often be asked. It’s a surprisingly tricky question to answer. What does fluency really mean and at […]

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16 Jun 2015

How Language Speed and Density Differs

Most people trying to learn a new language will have experienced feelings of intimidation at how quickly native speakers seem to talk. But is this just because non-native speakers need more time to understand what is being said? Not according […]

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01 Nov 2013

Demand for Qualified Translators On the Up

Grecia Loaiza-Duque works as a medical interpreter for Rockford Memorial Hospital in Illinois, US. Her job is to help doctors and patients of different languages speak to each other, both in person and by video conference. At Rockford, a 396-bed […]

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