17 Feb 2014

UK Debate on Public Sector Translation

In the UK there is an ongoing debate about an issue that could affect the translation industry. The country’s government is trying to get local councils to reduce the amount of money they spend on translating materials for non-English speakers. […]

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30 Oct 2013

Poorly Translated Punjabi Safety Leaflet Causes Police Embarrassment

One of the most important elements connecting Britain’s increasingly diverse communities is language. The bedrock of community cohesion is dialogue – words working to create stronger, safer and closer communities that feel more connected. Local authorities and public sector bodies […]

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02 Dec 2011

Public Sector Translation

Public Sector Translation We are an accredited UN supplier, and supplier to the European Union. We have long-standing relationships with various parts of government in several countries. We are very familiar with the whole tendering process and welcome invitations to […]

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