31 Oct 2013

Learning Languages ‘Shapes Brain Areas’

Learning dialects at a young age can shape the way a person’s brain processes languages, a study of the use of pitch accents among Japanese speakers shows. When we hear language, our brain breaks down the sounds to extract meaning. […]

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11 Jun 2013

How Big Is Your Vocabulary?

It is impossible to provide an accurate word count for the English language. However, it is safe to say that The Oxford English Dictionary contains over 300,000 entries. According to a recently conducted study by The Economist, most adult native speakers […]

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13 Apr 2010

Translator Survey 30th March 2010

We asked 1000 translators who have translated a minimum of 1500 words for TranslateMedia in the last 4 years to fill in a very quick questionnaire of just five questions. The questions were aimed at giving context to the development […]

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