26 May 2016

Fashion’s Counterfeiting Problem

For an entrepreneur without many scruples, counterfeiting is arguably a more attractive prospect than narcotics. It’s more profitable, and there’s less risk of being caught. Your business partners in the counterfeiting trade are far less likely to kill you than […]

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22 Feb 2016

Guide to Wholesale Buying on Alibaba

Many businesses are waking up to the concept of buying from overseas marketplaces in order to save money on wholesale or custom-made items. But buying via these platforms is rather different from buying from a consumer marketplace such as eBay […]

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09 Apr 2015

China’s Indigenous Innovators: How Haeir Is Shaking Things Up

Haier, the world’s biggest appliance-maker, has implemented a radical new business approach in order to turn itself into a machine for innovation. Under the leadership of Zhang Ruimin, profits have soared as this China-based firm implements a structure that allows […]

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13 Feb 2015

The Rise of the State-owned Enterprise

The modern world is seeing a remarkable resurgence of a form of organisation thought to have become extinct – the State-owned enterprise. State-owned enterprises (SOEs) are flourishing globally, led in many cases by huge public-private hybrids from major emerging markets […]

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30 Jan 2015

Are Chinese Companies Set to Conquer the West?

Several notable Chinese companies look set to take their operations increasingly global in 2015. This raises some questions about how far China’s influence will now extend beyond its immediate region. It’s looking as if we are about to witness a […]

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29 Jan 2015

Challenging Hollywood’s Dominance – Rising Film Industries from Emerging Markets

These days Hollywood is very much in third place when it comes to churning out movie titles. Nigeria’s film industry, christened ‘Nollywood’, produced during its 2008 peak over 2,500 films in a single year. Nollywood and the wider African film […]

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05 Jan 2015

Why Does Asia Consume, But Not Produce Luxury Brands?

Of the world’s 22 most profitable luxury brands, 20 come from Europe. Yet Europe is no longer the world’s biggest consumer of the luxury labels it produces. Nor is America, which is responsible for the other two. Asia, the Middle […]

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18 Dec 2014

Responding to the Growth in Tourism from Emerging Markets

Tourists from emerging markets are travelling the world in increasing numbers and they are increasingly spending more than other nationalities when they do. How is the tourist industry responding to this – and what impact will it have? Since 2012 […]

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17 Dec 2014

Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos Expected to Drive Growth in Asia

For decades China has been the biggest economy on the Asian continent, and has for years been the European Union’s main trading partner along with the United States. China is the EU’s biggest source of imports, but has also become […]

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15 Dec 2014

Loadsa Money: How Etiquette Is the New Bling for Wealthy Elites in Emerging Markets

Etiquette has become a desirable commodity for wealthy consumers in emerging markets, both for themselves and for their children. Large emerging markets such as China and Russia are seeing wealthy consumers signing up enthusiastically for etiquette lessons, wine appreciation lessons […]

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