05 May 2015

Advice on Pricing in New Markets

When companies get their pricing wrong – it’s far more likely that they’ve pitched it too low than too high. That’s according to management consultants McKinsey anyway. Underpricing your product means your company doesn’t achieve the profits that it could […]

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22 Apr 2015

Advice for SMEs Planning International Expansion Programmes

Recently we’ve been looking at the trials and tribulations of some major retailers and brands such as Marks & Spencer and Kellogg’s as they start to expand into new markets overseas. But what about the smaller brands with fewer resources? According […]

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20 Apr 2015

B2B Ecommerce Is Evolving: Is Your Business Ready?

B2B ecommerce is already thought to be around four times the size of the B2C ecommerce market, and by 2020 it’s estimated that business buying through ecommerce will be worth close to $7 trillion. Alibaba, the Chinese B2B ecommerce giant, […]

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27 Mar 2015

Google Campus Event: How to Do Business in China

This week we went along to Google campus for an insightful event on how entrepreneurs can do more business with China. Panellists were from Qumin, the UK’s largest Chinese digital agency, China Business Services, communications consultancy Yuyu Media, and 11k […]

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19 Mar 2015

Cost-effective Ways for SMEs to Test the Chinese Market

Thanks to the internet and globalisation, many believe that testing new markets for opportunities is easier and cheaper than ever before. However, not all markets are easy to crack and China is a particularly tough one. Small businesses tend to […]

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20 Nov 2014

10 Ways SMEs Can Compete With Big Business Globally

Small businesses don’t have the luxury of huge advertising budgets, large teams of marketers, developers, product managers and sales staff and all the other benefits of scale enjoyed by large multi-national corporations. However, bigger isn’t always better and as the […]

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09 Jun 2014

Language Etiquette Tips for International Business

It’s one thing knowing a language, quite another knowing a country’s culture and business etiquette. Of course, professional translators are key for any company trading overseas. But a business deal can live or die simply because you have overlooked the […]

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