05 Feb 2016

Opportunities in the Brazilian Economy

Following some recent tough economic times, Brazil has come to be seen as a high-risk market for investors. In 2015, Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) in Brazil declined rapidly. In fact, between May and June 2015, FDI fell by over one […]

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16 Nov 2015

How Does Cyber Law Affect Consumer Behaviour?

Ecommerce is growing in emerging markets where rises in disposable income and online participation are creating a healthy environment for online shopping. But not all of these markets offer a regulatory environment that is conducive to the expansion of ecommerce. […]

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21 Apr 2015

Exporting to Brazil: Opportunities and Challenges

Brazil’s thriving economy represents an exciting prospect for exporters. Now the world’s seventh largest economy, with GDP per capita ahead of China’s – there’s been a huge expansion in the number of businesses active in the country over the last […]

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05 Feb 2015

New Internet Laws Causing Conflicts for International Operators

Brazil has implemented new legislation that could be impossible for some US firms operating in Brazil to implement without violating their domestic laws. With the best intentions, the Brazilian government has created an un-navigable legal situation for international operators by […]

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26 Sep 2014

Tips for Avoiding Emerging Market Bubbles

Investors and economic commentators are constantly on the lookout for emerging markets around the world. They desperately want to find ‘The Next China’ or ‘The Next India’ and reap the rewards that come with it – yet this is much […]

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10 Jul 2014

5 Emerging Markets to Consider

BRIC countries – Brazil, Russia, India and China – were once touted as the most promising emerging markets in the world. The term was coined by economist Jim O’Neill back in 2001 to distinguish the nations from a host of […]

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26 Nov 2013

Brazil Preparing for the 2014 World Cup

Brazil shows the world what it’s got Brazil is going all out to convert World Cup and Olympic interest into tourism dollars, or should that be reais. In an effort to showcase what Brazil has to offer, Brazilian Tourist Board […]

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25 Oct 2013

New Market Research Opportunities in South America

With global ad spend on the increase, is market research fuelling a push into new markets? Global advertising expenditures have seen strong growth in the first half of 2013, compared to 2012. Despite the European economic crisis continuing to affect the […]

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24 Oct 2013

Translations Fostering Saudi-Brazilian Relations

An award for work on Arabic to Portugese translation has been used by Saudi Arabia to strengthen relations between themselves and Brazil. João Baptista Vargens, a university professor, won the ceremony of the 6th Custodian of the Mosques King Abdullah […]

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17 Oct 2013

Spanish to English Translation Reveals Commentator’s Abusive Rant

A translation of an abusive on-air rant by Mexican football commentator Christian Martinoli after Mexico managed to squeeze through to the play-off places for the World Cup has gone viral. The rant came after the United States scored two goals […]

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