20 Oct 2016

Fast Fashion Begins to Impact the Jewellery Industry

The trend towards ‘fast fashion’ seen in the clothing industry is increasingly evident in the world of jewellery. Changes in technology and the growth of ecommerce means that trends seen on the catwalk and on celebrities are now being fast […]

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18 Oct 2016

Portmanteau and Compound Words: Ways to Plug Gaps in a Language

A portmanteau is a linguistic blend that occurs when the sounds, spellings and meanings of two words are combined to make a new one. In a typical portmanteau, the two words chosen relate to the new item or concept that […]

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17 Oct 2016

How Zara is Tackling India and China

Zara has been described as “possibly the most innovative and devastating retailer in the world”. Spanish clothes retailer Zara is a huge global phenomenon and it seems to have bold ambitions to grow in the major emerging markets of India and […]

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13 Oct 2016

What Next for Athleisure?

Athleisure describes the trend for wearing your workoutwear all day – taking yoga leggings around town, or wearing trainers in the boardroom. But this isn’t about wearing scruffy old jogging bottoms on the school run – athleisure is about wearing […]

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10 Oct 2016

The Korean Brands Succeeding in China

South Korean cultural influence is felt across the wider Asian region. This effect’s known as Hallyu (‘Korean wave’) and it’s especially big in China, where South Korean influence often informs consumer trends. This cultural impact has helped South Korean brands […]

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29 Sep 2016

Africa’s Emerging Fashion Industry

Some of the world’s fastest growing economies are in Africa, and there’s a growing market for both luxury fashion and fashionable mid-market clothing and accessories. A growing middle class has money to spend on clothes and are taking an increasing […]

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26 Sep 2016

What’s Your Company’s Language Strategy?

Communication is an essential part of any organisation. This means that your organisation’s language decisions will be far-reaching, influencing professional competence and daily co-operation and dictating elements of your organisational identity. This is why one of the most important decisions […]

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22 Sep 2016

India’s Gold Rush: A Growing Online Jewellery Market

Online jewellery sales are expected to take off in the next few years. Who are going to be the winners and losers from India’s shift to online jewellery sales? India’s appetite for jewellery is considerable. This $50bn market consumes 1000 […]

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05 Sep 2016

China’s New Rules on Internet Advertising

Almost overnight, China has gone from one of the least regulated to one of the world’s most regulated markets for online advertising. The new approach has repercussions for any brand that’s currently advertising on the PRC’s media landscape. It’s also […]

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