05 Aug 2015

Are Translators and Interpreters a Dying Breed?

Google translate has long been an object of ridicule among professional linguists and translators, but machine translation technology and the quality of the translations are undoubtedly improving at a rapid pace. In May 2014 Google announced their purchase of Word […]

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07 Jul 2014

The Difficulties of English Translations

It is often said that English is a difficult language to learn. Even native speakers of languages such as Mandarin or Russian – often thought by English speakers as difficult languages to master – have been known to throw their […]

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02 Jun 2014

Translating Content for International Markets

Embarking on a global project that requires translation across several markets is a mammoth undertaking. The content that you produce will be central to your success – so it’s extremely important to get it right. But with a large number […]

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15 May 2013

Microsoft Adds Klingon to Bing Translator

The much anticipated Star Trek movie sequel, J.J. Abram’s Star Trek Into Darkness, has just been released. To coincide with the launch of the latest instalment of the popular American science fiction entertainment franchise, Microsoft has added the fictional language […]

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09 May 2013

Google Translate Adds Five New Languages

Google has announced that it has added five new languages to its Google Translate translation tool – taking the total up to 70 languages. The new languages are: Bosnian, Cebuano, Hmong, Javanese and Marathi. All of these, except Bosnian are considered […]

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01 Jul 2010

TranslateMedia at MarketingWeekLive!

  We were at MarketingWeek Live! on Tuesday and Wednesday this week, occupying a stand in the Insight section of the show. Market Research is an interesting sector for us with an increasing demand for translations of screeners, questionnaires, verbatims […]

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13 Apr 2010

Translator Survey 30th March 2010

We asked 1000 translators who have translated a minimum of 1500 words for TranslateMedia in the last 4 years to fill in a very quick questionnaire of just five questions. The questions were aimed at giving context to the development […]

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