16 Sep 2014

US Hispanic Marketing Spend Surges

More brands are realising the potential of targeting the Hispanic community with spend on Spanish language marketing on the up. That’s the case in the US where Hispanic media spending jumped a staggering 8.1% to $8.3 billion in 2013, according […]

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19 Aug 2014

Translating Native Advertising for an International Audience

Native advertising is more effective than display advertising when it comes to grabbing the attention of consumers. That’s according to research from IPG Media Lab which measured visual attention and brand lift for native ads from a number of top […]

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28 Oct 2013

The Rise of Industrial Espionage

Who Watches the Watchmen? Money is said to make the world go round, and big business fuels the spin. Increasing globalisation means competition for markets can have a huge impact on a nation’s prosperity. And intricately tied to this model is the […]

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22 Oct 2013

Top 3 Digital Trends for 2014

Digital is changing today’s business model as a near-dizzying number of technologies create new ways for companies to generate revenue and value. A first glance at this landscape, however, might look a little confused. As the number of technologies and […]

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13 Apr 2010

Translator Survey 30th March 2010

We asked 1000 translators who have translated a minimum of 1500 words for TranslateMedia in the last 4 years to fill in a very quick questionnaire of just five questions. The questions were aimed at giving context to the development […]

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