02 Sep 2014

Cheap Smartphones Set to Boost Global Ecommerce

Smartphones have dramatically changed the ecommerce landscape since they first appeared on the scene at the turn of the century. It is now easier than ever before to buy stuff online, even if you’re out and about. Smartphones have reached […]

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19 Aug 2014

Translating Native Advertising for an International Audience

Native advertising is more effective than display advertising when it comes to grabbing the attention of consumers. That’s according to research from IPG Media Lab which measured visual attention and brand lift for native ads from a number of top […]

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13 Aug 2014

Translating Corporate Culture on the World Stage

Increased globalisation and rapid advancements in technology have allowed brands to reach consumers at the furthest ends of the globe. A number of companies have consequently expanded into previously uncharted territory in a bid to attract new business. Integrating a […]

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06 Aug 2014

How Google ‘Pigeon’ May Impact Local Businesses

Back in 2002, Google announced something called Google Pigeon and an updated version of their PageRank algorithm called PigeonRank. “PigeonRank’s success relies primarily on the superior trainability of the domestic pigeon (Columba livia) and its unique capacity to recognize objects […]

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04 Aug 2014

How Website Localisation Can Boost UK Tourism

Millions of international holidaymakers flock to London every year for a taste of the English lifestyle, a spot of shopping and to see the sights. Sights like Buckingham Palace, Tate Modern, London Eye and the Palace of Westminster pull in […]

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30 Jul 2014

Are Retailers Ready for the Post-Ramadan Rush?

Middle Eastern shoppers are used to forking out on the luxuries in life. But at this time of year many have been fasting for a month, going without food or drink between sunrise and sunset, and denying themselves even the […]

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25 Jun 2014

Immigration Fuels Growth in Translation

As UK immigration increases, so does the need for effective translation services Immigration is now commonplace. As travel becomes more accessible to the masses, people are increasingly leaving their homeland and moving to other countries or regions around the world. […]

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17 Jun 2014

The Rise of the Acronym

Acronyms play an important role in our daily lives – both at home and at work. We encounter them more often that we might think, sometimes without even realising it, and this owes a lot to their dramatic rise since […]

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05 Jun 2014

International Languages Through the Ages

History leaves few clues as to how spoken language evolved over the ages. UNESCO has broken down the world’s 6,000 languages into deriving from one of six ancient languages – Greek, Latin, Chinese, Tamil, Hebrew and Sanskrit. Debates rage as […]

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15 May 2014

How to Secure Investment in Your Translation Project

You know the value of translating content for global marketing projects. But senior management might not. How do you convince them? You’re a marketing manager who is wise enough to realise the value of translated content – and you’re especially […]

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