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TranslateMedia launched « The Language Cartridge », an innovative solution that allows professional e-commerce to manage their multilingual websites.

This technology integrates seamlessly with Demandware and STREAM , the TranslateMedia translation management system. It can be integrated in no time and gives the Demandware Business Manager platform’s own translation interface. It provides a fast and secure system to manage multiple websites across different languages ​​and different markets. The « Language Cartridge » connector can be downloaded now from the  » Demandware LINK Marketplace « . You will find below some advantages of using the connector « Language Cartridge » Demandware.


  • Translate a single product or all of your site in several languages ​​Demandware
  • Manage different makes and markets simultaneously
  • Automate your content selection and management of your translation


  • API certified and manuals
  • Launch translations in one click
  • Integrate your workflow translations


  • A secure platform with SSL encryption
  • Quick access to a project management system and advanced quote


  • No direct costs associated with infrastructure, development or maintenance
  • Considerable savings through our advanced translation memory technology


The connector « Language Cartridge » provides a solution that allows Demandware clients to select products, and other digital resources and submit them to the translation directly from Demandware Business Manager.

The diagram below shows specifically how Demandware STREAM and interact.

Demandware - how it works

Operating Demandware

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Why traders choose Demandware and TranslateMedia?

Demandware provides a different model to offer e-commerce solutions for online merchants. Normally, retailers need to invest in hardware and in software to achieve their e-commerce sites, and hire developers to care for platforms and add the functionality the company needs to remain competitive.

Demandware allows companies to avoid investing time and money in hardware, software, and developers by providing an e-commerce platform cloud-based and highly scalable. This allows companies to focus on growing their organizations. This innovative approach allowed Demandware to become a leader in the market for e-commerce solutions in SaaS.

Small and large traders now have even more reasons to use Demandware for their international and multilingual online stores. The connector « Language Cartridge » provides a solution from beginning to end that enables organizations to integrate the translation management process directly into Demandware. Integration with Demandware Business Manager allows responsible for marketing and e-commerce to select the content they want to translate, get a quote, to monitor the progress of the translation project and see the completed translations published directly on their e-commerce site.

About Demandware

Demandware  is an e-commerce platform provider whose headquarters is located in Boston, United States. The company was founded in 2004 and has since opened additional offices, particularly in France and Germany. Demandware specializes in managing online content and e-commerce solutions in the areas of fashion, health and beauty, and sport.

Demandware works with over 160 brands in the retail industry across 740 sites worldwide, including Adidas, Clarins, Fila, Lacoste, Lancome, Mothercare, Puma, Quicksilver, L’Oreal and Ugg Australia.

Demandware includes a set of custom integrations ready to use for a variety of applications. These approved extensions, called « Demandware LINK Cartridges » are available on the Demandware LINK Marketplace described by Demandware as a one-stop shop for online pre-built integrations to Demandware Commerce platform.

At TranslateMedia, we work with a number of clients in the fashion industry including e-commerce sites based on Demandware. We can connect our translation management system Demandware, allowing customers using e-commerce platform in SaaS receiving quotes, sending the content to be translated and then preview and edit any content translated before publication on their websites.

This simplified workflow improves efficiency by ensuring that only the content that needs translation is sent. In addition, we can benefit customers additional cost savings by using the translation memory that appeals to all previously translated content on their site Demandware, thereby further reduce costs and increase efficiency.

About TranslateMedia

TranslateMedia is a global translation company with offices in London, New York, Paris, Munich, Hong Kong, Singapore and Austin, Texas. The company offers its services round the clock, 7 days 7, bringing its expertise to brands and agencies who want to start and manage their websites and international marketing campaigns.

TranslateMedia invented the technology that enables merchants, e-commerce businesses and startups in new technologies to expand in emerging markets and newly industrialized countries. This technology management platform flow translation TranslateMedia owner, was developed in 2005 to help British companies to manage their internationalization projects across different languages ​​and regions.