The TranslateMedia SharePoint Connector

Reduce translation turnaround times from days to hours

Access professional translations and transcreation by skilled human translators
directly from your Microsoft SharePoint instance.

Setting up and managing the website localisation process in Microsoft SharePoint just got a lot easier!

You can now seamlessly integrate your SharePoint website with our translation management system for fast, secure and efficient website localisation.

TranslateMedia now provides the technology to integrate your SharePoint powered website with STREAM – our translation workflow management platform. The connector allows you to filter and select content for translation, send content to your dedicated team of linguists at TranslateMedia and receive the completed translations back into SharePoint at a click of a few buttons.

  • Fast, flexible process that can handle quick turnarounds
  • Send large volumes of pages quickly & easily
  • Create different workflows for separate parts of the site
  • Quickly expand into new international markets
  • Optimise your pages and products for local search engines
  • Get large Translation Memory cost savings
  • Easy to install

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