The TranslateMedia Adobe Experience Manager Connector

Reduce translation turnaround times from days to hours

Access professional translations and transcreation by skilled human translators
directly from your Adobe Experience Manager instance.

Setting up and managing the website localisation process in Adobe Experience Manager just got a lot easier!

You can now seamlessly integrate your Adobe Experience Manager website with our translation management system for fast, secure and efficient website localisation.

TranslateMedia now provides the technology to integrate your Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) powered website with STREAM – our translation workflow management platform. The connector allows you to filter and select content for translation, send content to your dedicated team of linguists at TranslateMedia and receive the completed translations back into AEM at a click of a few buttons.

  • Fast, flexible process that can handle quick turnarounds
  • Send large volumes of pages quickly & easily
  • Create different workflows for separate parts of the site
  • Quickly expand into new international markets
  • Optimise your pages and products for local search engines
  • Get large Translation Memory cost savings
  • FREE and easy to install

Our AEM connector features:

  • Translates any content
  • Translates from any source to any target language
  • Supports any number of sites within each AEM instance
  • No manual export or import of files required
  • All jobs are completed using web services
  • Automatically track newly added or changed content
  • Automatically track translated content
  • Isolate and protect HTML markup
  • Easily track translation requests
  • Automatically import translations

Using the AEM connector

Using the TranslateMedia AEM connector is easy and requires very little training or specialist knowledge.

Select content for translation
…including products, CMS pages or blocks, categories, attributes or tags, from within the AEM admin panel

Screen-Shot-2016-07-15-at-17.01.02-300x154 copy
Get an immediate quote
…and approve the jobs with just a few clicks

track-150x59 copy
Review your translations
…to check that they are complete before setting live

import-150x59 copy
Import your translated content
…directly into the right place in your AEM instance

Our linguists

TranslateMedia has a network of over 9500 professional linguists and to work with us we require that they are native language speakers with a deep knowledge and understanding of your sector and the local culture of your target audience.

We treat our linguists fairly and honestly, which means that we have access to the best talent in the industry.

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