Seamless translation integration and workflow automation for your product catalogues.

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The Akeneo translation connector

TranslateMedia’s Akeneo Connector provides developers and users with native functionality to easily manage the localisation of their product catalog. Connect to our translation management system via our free Akeneo connector to get access to:

Simple content selection

Search, filter, select and deliver content for translation in just a few clicks - all without leaving the Akeneo interface. Want to go further? TranslateMedia’s Client Portal can be completely customised to enable you to search for your content using product IDs, categories, or product names and easily track the status of each item’s translations.

Brand protection

Keeping your brand’s tone of voice consistent across all of your marketing assets and languages is critical. That’s why we’ve included the ability to manage your glossaries and terminology guidelines online via our Client Portal.

This, together with the use of Translation Memories and strict, semi-automated QA processes, help protect your brand’s verbal identity in every language and market.

The best linguists, the latest tech

We work with a large team of talented translators with diverse skill sets and knowledge. We hand-pick specific teams of translators for your account based on their language skills and their specific understanding and experience of your industry sector.

Translators work using our custom-built technology with built-in tools to maintain the style and consistency of the tone of voice of your source text while giving you full transparency of the workflow process.

Detailed project tracking and management reporting

Access our Client Portal and gain real-time views of your translation projects, including estimated delivery times and financial reports.

Account administrators can view spend by market, brand, account, team or even individual, allowing you to get instant access to all your financial information. All this in a single, intuitive interface - making financial reporting quick and easy.

Translation memories and machine translation engines

We store every one of your translations in a bespoke translation memory database. Every job is scanned for translation memory matches and automatically applied to the translated content. This means that linguists never have to translate the same thing twice. We improve consistency. You save time and money!

We also have the knowledge and expertise to successfully implement adaptive machine translation to deliver high-quality, localised content quickly at a fraction of the cost and turnaround time.

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