Expert Linguists

Our commitment is to provide you with top-class expert linguists

Project Managers, Translators, Interpreters, Researchers, Multilingual Typesetters and other Expert Linguists…we make sure that the people who work on your materials are expert linguists in their field.

To translate professionally, it’s not enough to be a talented or qualified linguist. Subject-specific knowledge and industry experience are vital to ensuring high-quality translations.

Our linguists are located all around the world and have direct experience working in the industry sectors that we serve. We have great relationships with them, and we hand-pick teams for specific client accounts. Our quality assurance tools are simple, powerful and insightful.

Each client is allocated a dedicated Project Manager who is their main point of contact. Our Project Managers are all graduate linguists with post-graduate qualifications in a translations related field, or with experience managing translations in some of the world’s largest organisations.

The Project Manager asks all the right questions and then builds teams of linguists and fully briefs them on the work. In our experience, this team approach gives great results.

Speak to one of our professionals for more information.

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