Machine Translation Events 2019

Machine Translation Events 2019

Attending industry events can bring a variety of benefits. They are useful for gaining new knowledge and continuing professional development, extending your professional network and identifying new business opportunities. In this post, we provide you with a carefully selected list of events related to machine translation that you wouldn’t want to miss in 2019.

Women in Localization, London

Although this event already happened, it is most certainly worth mentioning. At the end of January, Women in Localization UK Chapter hosted an event in London focussing on machine translation.

Women in Localization is an international organisation with locally managed branches that aims to, as the name indicates, promote women in the language industry. Each of the events organised by this association has a specific theme relevant to the industry and can be attended by both men and women.

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Women in Localization strives to promote inclusion among all localization professionals.

Machine translation was chosen as the theme for the January event from a variety of topics in an open poll, which demonstrated just how much interest this technology attracts. Not surprisingly, the event tickets sold out within just a few hours from when they got released.

On the day, there were over 60 participants whose knowledge of machine translation varied from being an expert to not knowing much about it at all. The event revolved around questions such as what machine translation is, which types of content it works well in, how linguists can leverage it in their daily work and whether linguists should feel threatened or encouraged by the rise in AI.

The general consensus was that humans and machines can work well together in a number of contexts, not only in localization.

TAUS Global Content Summit, various locations

Another language industry organisation, TAUS, has a series of Global Content Summits scheduled across the globe for 2019. The London edition, happening on the 15th of May, will feature an extensive section on machine translation.

It will focus on practical use cases – speakers from some of the larger players in the localization industry will share their experiences with adoption of machine translation as part of their business strategy.

They will explain what impact MT has had on their workflows and how they have been approaching the topic with their pool of linguists, helping them to adapt to the changing landscape. One not to miss!

MT Summit, Dublin

Another event worth saving the date for is MT Summit in Dublin, taking place between the 19th and the 23rd of August. The conference is curated by the well-established European Association for Machine Translation (EAMT) and has an impressive record of 22 past annual events.

The event gathers a varied crowd – there will be developers and data scientists, members of academia but also language service providers, translators and language service buyers all exchanging ideas and sharing the knowledge. This diversity means

One of the central themes of this year’s MT Summit will be focussing on the users of machine translation and the ways in which this technology is influencing linguists, LSPs and technology providers today.

Asling, London

Towards the end of the year, another well-established industry event will be taking place in London. The 41st edition of Asling will revolve around translation memory and CAT tools in general, natural language processing and terminology management but also machine translation systems, their customisations, assessing MT quality and post-editing strategies.

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London, as well as other European cities, will host a number of machine translation events this year.

Asling, as well as the other events mentioned above, aims to bring together all the different parts of the localization industry to inspire dialogue and drive best practices that would be applicable across the whole sector.

Those type of events are an excellent opportunity to have open, relaxed conversations with peers, exchange ideas, listen to new perspectives and therefore gain knowledge about completely new fields or further the knowledge you already have.

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