TranslateMedia To Present at the Machine Translation Summit 2019

TranslateMedia To Present at the Machine Translation Summit 2019

This August, Dublin City University (DCU) will be hosting an important event focusing entirely on the pivotal technology that has permeated the language industry in recent years. This technology is, of course, machine translation. 

MT Summit will be a five-day-long conference featuring sessions on user experience with MT, the latest research in the field, as well as post-editing best practices. TranslateMedia will be taking part by sharing its experience with implementing machine translation workflows for eCommerce clients.

Industry events are not only useful in terms of gaining new knowledge but they also present us with the opportunity to talk to a variety of people responsible for different parts of the of the localisation chain that you wouldn’t normally interact with every day. This sparks insightful and inspiring conversations.

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Attending industry events is a great way to keep up with the latest localisation trends.

MT Summit has a very special meaning for the localisation community since it doesn’t focus solely on research and academic aspects of machine translation but instead provides practical advice for practitioners. This year, in particular, a considerable part of the event will be dedicated to machine translation users, who will share their experiences with the wider community. Users, meaning freelance translators, LSPs, clients and anyone in between, will talk about common pain points, best practises, shared standards, innovative applications and optimal uses of MT in the real world so attendees can learn from their experiences. 

TranslateMedia will not only attend the conference but our Machine Translation Programme Manager, Kasia Kosmaczewska, will present at the event on the topic of applying machine translation on large-scale eCommerce localisation projects. More specifically, she will talk about switching the service provided by TranslateMedia to a well-known fashion eCommerce client, Topshop, from traditional translation to post-edited machine translation (PEMT).

TranslateMedia’s presentation will focus on the human aspect of migrating services and the impact the switch has on freelance linguists, project managers and the end client.

eCommerce is of increasing importance to the global economy and given that retailers interested in growing their business internationally need to have carefully designed localisation strategies, there is an increasing potential to help manage expanding volumes of content by applying more automated solutions such as MT and PEMT.

When it comes to machine translation, the vast majority of the hype within the industry gravitates towards improvements in output, hardware, different quality measurements and tools allowing users to route translation requests to the most adequate MT provider. All of these aspects are undeniably important but often the hype can lead to forgetting about one more key element – the human.

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Humans should be at the very core of any technology since it is humans that create new technologies in the first place.

It is all too easy to disregard the human element of the process, while in reality humans are at the very core of any machine translation workflow. Therefore, TranslateMedia is aiming to bring the focus back to post-editors, project managers and end clients and examine how the automation of workflows changes the translation landscape for them.

With its rich programme, MT Summit 2019 aims to bring together different parts of the industry and help make a contribution towards building sustainable machine translation workflows in the future.

You can register for the MT Summit 2019 by visiting their website on the link below.

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We hope to see you there!

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