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The transcreations in DK and SE were some of the best I have seen while working at Lounge.

Zalando Lounge Scandinavian Copywriter

I would like to point the superb work done by TranslateMedia’s team of translators who make a huge effort to deliver a high quality translation.

Argos Elena

TranslateMedia has provided excellent quality translations for a big global project. Everyone is extremely friendly and they always adhere to timings. Definitely recommend!

Hearst Julia

A big thank you to all, it’s a pleasure working with TranslateMedia. Out of all my third party suppliers you guys are no doubt the best!

Wunderman Susie

It is vital we can rely on a swift, and most importantly, accurate translation service to provide ‘localized’ marketing targeted at our European customers, and TranslateMedia do this to the highest caliber!

Sporting Bet Rob

Specialist language experts

Native content marketers

There’s copy to persuade, copy to inform and copy to entertain. And they all come with different requirements that demand different skill sets.

The same applies to marketing copy in any language.

Whether it’s SEO-optimised content, sales copy, direct mail or creative product descriptions – we have the right talent to help you create exceptional, original marketing copy that captivates your target audience in your brand's unique tone of voice.

Unmistakably you

Keep your tone of voice in foreign markets

Distinctiveness plays a crucial part in your marketing communications, no matter the language. While it’s important to adapt your message to the local audience to avoid language faux-pas, a unique, familiar tone of voice is key to standing out in any market.

With cloud-based glossaries, brand guidelines and semi-automated QA checks, we ensure that your unique tone of voice remains consistent across all markets and languages.

Let's get to know you

Onboarding & project management

An important part of the process for us is to understand your brand. That’s why we put a lot of emphasis on the onboarding process where we’ll meticulously study your brand and guide you through a creative brief.

Only then do our project management teams start the creative process, briefing their findings to our linguistic team to get them ready to start creating content according to your unique brand guidelines and tone of voice – all with unrivaled support until your content is delivered.

Why TranslateMedia?


Our project managers have significant experience working with clients' digital and retail teams and all hold a professional degree in linguistics or a relevant subject.

We have deep sector experience in retail and luxury, and can offer critical insights to support your international expansion efforts.

We do not outsource work to a large faceless overseas 'factory'. We hand-pick our native, in-country expert linguist teams for specific client accounts to ensure consistency, familiarity with the brand and client confidentiality.


Our constant focus on R&D is not aimed at replacing human talent, but rather to help them be more accurate and efficient.

We possess the infrastructure to scale operations with dedicated operational specialists.

All of our technology has been developed by our internal team based on client needs and industry advancements. Our tools are designed to improve productivity and security, lower the likelihood of errors and make the quoting, sending and receiving files as smooth as possible to allow you to go to market much faster.

Tailored solutions

We don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all approach. We adapt to your way of working – from the moment we define the on-boarding process, all the way through to the way you prefer your content to be delivered.

We offer a bespoke service with a technology solution that seamlessly integrates with your workflows and provides transparent reporting and KPIs.

Our best-in-class managed services enable faster, more efficient workflows to scale along with your international expansion strategy.

Integrated with

Case studies

Below are some examples of how we've worked with some of our international clients.

Featured download

Beyond Translation – Bridging Culture and Geography to Meet the New Commerce Reality

Beyond Translation – Bridging Culture and Geography to Meet the New Commerce Reality

TranslateMedia has partnered with Econsultancy on a research report identifying localisation opportunities and challenges for global brands.

In this report, you will learn from a panel of eight brand marketers for whom the management of translation and transcreation is a critical, strategic tool for commercial success in a global marketplace.


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