10 Aug 2016

Easy Website Localisation with Drupal & TranslateMedia

TranslateMedia has just released a module to integrate Drupal with its state-of-the-art translation workflow management system, STREAM. The module works in conjunction with the Translation Management Tool for Drupal – a popular website localisation module which simplifies the translation process […]

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02 Aug 2016

WordPress Integration

Benefit from the high-quality translations provided by TranslateMedia’s team of expert linguists combined with ease of use of the WordPress content management system. TranslateMedia has teamed up with WPML to allow WordPress users to easily translate, localise and manage their multi-language websites. Gone […]

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14 May 2015

Standalone, Proxy or CMS Integration

Which is best for managing multiple international websites? Deciding between the various approaches to managing multiple international websites is a critical step in the localisation process and one that is likely to significantly affect the future performance of a website. […]

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01 Dec 2014

CMS Considerations for Multiple Languages

Localising your website can represent an enormous task both in terms of time, energy and expenditure. Not only do you have to consider the translation of content you have to consider how that translated content will be inserted and managed, […]

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30 Oct 2013

CMS Translation

Expanding your business into international markets is a major undertaking and the process presents huge challenges There is a mind-boggling array of CMS systems to choose from and each system has different capabilities, not only in the way that they […]

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