11 Feb 2014

Law Firms See a Silver Lining in Cloud Computing

Not all clouds are the foreboding kind, in fact most are vital for continued and healthy growth. Such is the case with cloud computing, which in recent years has caught the interest of the legal sector. Figures show that 72% of […]

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30 Jan 2014

Law Firms Eye International Expansion in 2014

As more and more law firms, buoyed with new year confidence, look to expand their global footprints in 2014, translation and multilingual support is becoming an increasingly important part of firms’ strategies. Indeed, 2012 research from PricewaterhouseCoopers found that law […]

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22 Jan 2014

Legal Aid in England and Wales

A divisive issue is cutting through the heart of the British justice system: proposed cuts to legal aid – the payment from public funds to help pay for legal advice or proceedings. Last year the Government published proposals for streamlining […]

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