26 Apr 2016

Why Japan FinTech Innovation Lags Behind the Rest of the World

There are many reasons why Moneytree, a Japan-based FinTech app, shouldn’t have succeeded. Japan is a notoriously conservative market, where both corporations and consumers are highly risk averse. The success of the app, which enables its users to connect their […]

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07 Mar 2016

The Global Expansion of FinTech

Do FinTech startups face fewer obstacles for international expansion than traditional banks? Scaling is a challenge for any start up, and FinTech is no exception. It’s widely accepted that startups often face fewer barriers to expansion than larger, more established […]

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11 Jan 2016

How FinTech Is Challenging the Voice of Global Finance

FinTech sees itself as a disruptive solution to the old banking system and it’s certainly stealing ground from traditional banking services. Goldman Sachs has estimated these start-ups could be taking up to $4.7 trillion in revenue from traditional banking sector […]

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13 Feb 2015

The Rise of the State-owned Enterprise

The modern world is seeing a remarkable resurgence of a form of organisation thought to have become extinct – the State-owned enterprise. State-owned enterprises (SOEs) are flourishing globally, led in many cases by huge public-private hybrids from major emerging markets […]

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20 Jan 2014

Clarke Drumming up More Business in China

The Government is continuing to pull out the stops in an attempt to woo China, this time sending in a famous face from its old guard to talk about healthcare deals. Cabinet minister Kenneth Clarke is heading up a new […]

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19 Dec 2013

Leading Entrepreneurs to Set up Shop in UK

Talented entrepreneurs from around the world are to set up shop in the UK as part of a new scheme to bring top start-ups to the country. Innovative ideas, including a way to convert ground waste coffee into biofuel, running […]

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13 Dec 2011

French Financial Translation

French Financial Translation Service Each of our French financial translators has extensive experience, relevant qualifications and an outstanding individual track record in providing French financial translations. As an agency, we are very well set up for financial translations: We have […]

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13 Dec 2011

Japanese Financial Translation

Japanese Financial Translation Service In addition to relevant qualifications, our Japanese financial translators all have extensive experience and terrific individual track records in providing Japanese financial translations. As an agency, we are very well set up for financial translations: we […]

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02 Dec 2011

Financial Translation

About our Financial Translation Services Founded in 2004, TranslateMedia is an established leader in financial translation services. We continue to enjoy success thanks to our efficient, professional approach. We have passed successive quality audits and in 2010 were ranked in the […]

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