17 Feb 2016

The Impact of 4G in India

Telecoms infrastructure remains a challenge for India, and the government is embracing the possibilities of 4G mobile technology as a potential solution to the inadequacies of current internet service provision. 4G offers faster data transfer and improved mobile web access […]

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24 Mar 2015

How to Introduce a New Concept into an International Market

Taking a look at how international brands have introduced new concepts to emerging markets – with differing levels of success. Last week we looked at the difficulties Kellogg’s experienced when they first tried to introduce breakfast cereals to the Indian consumer. Indian households […]

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06 Feb 2015

In COD We Trust

Why consumer preference for cash on delivery is holding back global ecommerce. Although markets such as India and parts of the Middle East offer huge potential to ecommerce retailers, the preference of consumers to pay using cash on delivery (COD) […]

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17 Jul 2014

Forget Hindi and English: Hinglish is the Future of Advertising in India

The British have been borrowing Indian words since the earliest days of the Raj. Some of the most well-known examples to have made their way into the English lexicon include guru, yoga and curry. But you might be surprised to hear […]

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10 Jul 2014

5 Emerging Markets to Consider

BRIC countries – Brazil, Russia, India and China – were once touted as the most promising emerging markets in the world. The term was coined by economist Jim O’Neill back in 2001 to distinguish the nations from a host of […]

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18 Feb 2014

New Translation Helping Mahatma Gandhi Bloom in China

Mahatma Gandhi, the father of India, is to grow in popularity in China thanks to a new Mandarin translation of his autobiography. The Story of My Experiments With Truth, first published in serial form between 1925 and 1929, in which Gandhi covers […]

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09 Jan 2014

Tech Breathes New Life into Old Tongues

Coming over loud and clear: minority Indian languages are benefiting from the country’s technology Technology is leading the way in helping to revive old languages seemingly given up for dead. The innovations translate to a huge boost for old dialects […]

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11 Dec 2013

Google Translate Adds Nine New Languages

Google Translate has announced that it will add a further nine languages to its service, taking the total number of languages over 80. Most of the new languages that are being introduced are spoken in Asia or Sub-Saharan Africa. The […]

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19 Nov 2013

Bilingualism Can Delay the Effects of Dementia

Two languages are better than one Speaking more than one language is a skill to be envied that can help you in business, as well as in leisure abroad. But a recent study now claims that it could also carry […]

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03 Sep 2013

Indian Car Manufacturers Look to Localisation to Increase Sales

With the Indian Rupee depreciating over 20% in the last eight months, Indian car manufacturers have adopted the approach of aggressive localisation in order to take advantage of the devalued Indian currency to increase sales in new geographies. These include […]

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