10 Aug 2016

The Future of Chinese Fashion

Over the last decade China’s fashion industry has changed tremendously. With rising disposable incomes and urbanisation and an increase in domestic consumption – demand for apparel has increased substantially. China’s demand for fashion and accessories is expected to continue to […]

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03 Aug 2016

How Predictive Analytics Is a Key Tool for Global Business

Predictive analytics is a way of forecasting future probabilities based on past data. With big data now available covering many industries, businesses are increasingly able to make predictions for the direction of their business based on a combination of business […]

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18 Jul 2016

Removing Language Barriers with Your Customers

Speaking to people in their own language may seem a pretty obvious thing to do but many companies are still erecting communications barriers between them and their customers. There are a number of ways organisations can facilitate discourse with foreign […]

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15 Jul 2016

TranslateMedia Releases Localisation Extension for Magento

Setting up, managing and maintaining a global eCommerce store in Magento just got a lot easier! TranslateMedia has developed an extension for Magento that allows you to send content for translation from the Magento admin panel directly to our translation […]

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13 Jul 2016

The Rise of the Midult

Marketers and political pundits are fond of identifying new demographic groups and consumer segments on which to focus their attentions. The latest is the Midult – a phrase coined by journalists Emilie McMeekan and Annabel Rivkin to describe a new […]

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29 Jun 2016

What Millennials and Centennials Can Teach Fashion Brands

The generation known as Millennials are now highly influential, representing a high purchasing power worldwide. With their lifelong exposure to digital technologies, the way this generation shops and interacts with brands is unique compared to previous, and also ensuing generations. […]

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27 Jun 2016

Getting ‘Micro-Moments’ Right

Micro-moments happen billions of times every day and they could be the key to the success of your brand’s optimisation strategy. But what are they? And how can getting them right boost your business? We’ll explore what micro-moments have to […]

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26 May 2016

Fashion’s Counterfeiting Problem

For an entrepreneur without many scruples, counterfeiting is arguably a more attractive prospect than narcotics. It’s more profitable, and there’s less risk of being caught. Your business partners in the counterfeiting trade are far less likely to kill you than […]

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11 Apr 2016

Cognitive Biases That Influence Decision Making

Making a business decision is notoriously tricky. The higher up the chain you climb, the more responsible you become for your decisions and the more difficult the decision-making process becomes. This presents a challenge for B2B marketers as they seek […]

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