28 Aug 2013

Scientists Develop New System to Help Computers Learn Human Languages

For more than a decade, computer scientists and linguists have attempted to get computers to learn human languages by programming semantics using software. Semantics is the study of meaning, i.e. the relation between words and phrases. Katrin Erk, a linguistics […]

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15 May 2013

Microsoft Adds Klingon to Bing Translator

The much anticipated Star Trek movie sequel, J.J. Abram’s Star Trek Into Darkness, has just been released. To coincide with the launch of the latest instalment of the popular American science fiction entertainment franchise, Microsoft has added the fictional language […]

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13 Apr 2010

Translator Survey 30th March 2010

We asked 1000 translators who have translated a minimum of 1500 words for TranslateMedia in the last 4 years to fill in a very quick questionnaire of just five questions. The questions were aimed at giving context to the development […]

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30 Mar 2010

Machine Translation & Post-Editing

  There was buzz all over the web a couple of weeks ago after Google’s reported advances in the area of Machine Translation were reported in the New York Post. With the resources of the mighty G behind it, it […]

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