03 Feb 2014

Baidu’s Translation App Now Translates Images

….and the results are interesting to say the least Baidu, the Chinese web giant best known for its search engine, has updated its translation app to include object recognition. The tweak, to the firm’s Android and iOS apps, means you can take a photo […]

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30 Jan 2014

Baidu Map Shows Mass Homeward Migration for Chinese New Year

The largest human migration on earth is happening this week in China as hundreds of millions of Chinese cross the country to join their families and friends in time for the Chinese New Year tomorrow. Baidu, the largest search engine in China’s, […]

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28 Aug 2013

Scientists Develop New System to Help Computers Learn Human Languages

For more than a decade, computer scientists and linguists have attempted to get computers to learn human languages by programming semantics using software. Semantics is the study of meaning, i.e. the relation between words and phrases. Katrin Erk, a linguistics […]

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23 Jul 2013

Is Google Launching a Speech Translator?

Google has recently acquired a portfolio of American patents and patent applications from the SR Tech Group. The SR Tech Group is a small privately held company which develops emerging technology and related intellectual property in the areas of computer […]

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08 Jul 2013

Will Google Local Carousel Affect International SEO?

It has been a few weeks since Google official launched their Local Carousel functionality for users based in the United States. In an official statement on Google’s Google+ page, dated 18th June 2013, the search giant stated that “starting today, […]

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04 Apr 2013

Search Engines, Browsers and Social Networks of the Top 10 European Internet Markets

Your international marketing campaign begins with laying your sites on new target markets for your product. If you intend to move your product throughout Europe via ecommerce, key considerations include knowing where the highest internet traffic resides, how much penetration […]

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