05 Oct 2016

Extreme Segmentation: How Big Data is Transforming Retail

Retailers are making use of complex algorithms that help them identify patterns in consumer spending and associated behaviour in order to increase sales. It’s thought consumer retail spending could reach nearly $27 trillion next year, thanks to rising population and […]

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05 Nov 2015

Trends in Global Social Media

Social media has evolved a great deal over the years and marketers now have to look beyond likes and shares to deliver real business value and ROI from social media activity. Social media networks are beginning to recognise this and […]

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10 Oct 2014

Harnessing Word of Mouth to Build a Global Brand

Word-of-mouth advertising shouldn’t be underestimated. It’s important for every business – large or small – as a happy customer can easily steer dozens of new ones your way without you even having to lift a finger. This unpaid form of […]

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01 Jul 2014

Should Brands Get ‘Down With da Kids’?

One of the greatest challenges for brands these days is connecting with the younger generation. It can be extremely difficult to get your message across to teenagers – especially as your memories of what it was like growing up as […]

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10 Jun 2014

Going Global With Social Media

Top tips for international social media marketing Companies hoping to conquer the world in 2014 should seriously consider using the powerful weapon that is social media. But how should you ensure that you manage your international social media successfully? Benefits of […]

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25 Feb 2014

LinkedIn Launches Site in Chinese

Professional networking service LinkedIn has launched a test version of its Chinese language site as it looks to offer a more localised service to its users in the country. California-headquartered LinkedIn, the only main US social network with a presence in China, […]

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19 Feb 2014

Guide to International Social Media

Welcome to the International Guide to Social Media. For the latest news on trends in each country around the world, including internet usage, social media sites, penetration, influencers and case studies, click on the map below. Or check out our new […]

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12 Feb 2014

Newspaper Turns to Translation for Community Engagement

The largest weekly newspaper in Northern Ireland has started publishing news stories and advertising in different languages as part of an initiative to reflect the growing diversity of its readership and local community. The Tyrone Courier, established in 1880 and based in Dungannon […]

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